GTA 6 Update: The Real Reason About GTA 5 Successor Delayed-Release Finally Revealed

Maricris Jose
5:18 PM

With the success of the GTA 5, a lot of the fans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of its successor, the GTA 6. Many are asking what causes the delay of the much-anticipated video game and luckily it was finally revealed.

Rockstar Game’s GTA 5 has been a huge hit. As a matter of fact, the video game is now considered as the most profitable products which were ever created. GTA 5 was able to bring in revenue of more than $6 billion.

The same report also stated that the GTA 5 is going to sell about 100 million copies. This is still a game that’s so widely held, so it’s reasonable why the team behind it still wants to make content for its fans. This might possibly be one of the reasons why up until this moment the GTA 6 hasn’t made its appearance yet. Rockstar Games might be they concentrating on making this world larger. It is also worth mentioning that the video game developer has a $500 million budget that is allocated for developing the GTA 6. Based on some rumors the firm wanted to incorporate some VR content for the upcoming game.

It can be recalled that Rockstar was given about $250 million budget to develop the 5th game of the GTA franchise. Nevertheless, after all the success of the game and the massive sales, the game studio ruminates that the budget must be doubled for the next game, as it’s thought to be interesting and more awe-inspiring compared to the last one.

Nonetheless, the $500 million appears to cause trouble for Rockstar Games since it’s a big amount of money for just one franchise. Even though the GTA 5 brought billions of dollars to the firm, this performance is perceived as an irregularity. The main reason behind is that there’s really no assurance that the next game, GTA 6 will carry in much money as its forerunner did.

Based on some reports, this is the reason why GTA 6 release date has been delayed. Nonetheless, this is just based on assumptions and is advised to be taken with skepticism.

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