GTA 6 Update: New Rumors About GTA 5 Successor Surfaced

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Grand Theft Auto fans have been waiting for GTA 6 to be announced since from the beginning of 2018. Despite that Rockstar seems to be focused on the Red Dead Redemption 2 claiming that other video games are deserving of the attention as well. Regardless of the video game’s publisher’s wish, numerous rumors about the GTA 5 successor are surfacing online.

GTA 6 Rumors

Video game enthusiasts are thinking that with Red Dead Redemption 2 release still months away, Rockstar is probably working on the GTA 6 as well. Apart from that, they’re also thinking that with GTA 5’s success it’s impossible that the franchise will not have a sequel. With that being said, below are other rumors about the GTA 6:

Mexico City and Las Vegas As Possible Locations

It can be recalled that the first piece of information about the GTA VI surfaced way back in 2016. An insider coming from Rockstar has stated that this version of Grand Theft Auto will be settled back in the 1970s, similar to Vice City. This setting can be given by the fact that Vice City has been adored by the gamers. But at the same time, the insider also stated that the other possible locations for Grand Theft Auto 6 are Mexico City, Las Vegas, Chicago, and Detroit.

Female Protagonist To Arrive

There were talks claiming that one of the most thrilling features of the GTA VI is the presence of a female protagonist as players’ are asking for it. With the existence of female protagonist, they’ll now have the chance to choose their main character from quite a lot of figures and one of these figures is allegedly female. In case this is true, the game could possibly be more successful because there are a lot of women playing games like GTA.

GTA 6’s Development Takes A Huge Amount of Time

Dependable sources stated that huge games like GTA 6 will take a huge amount of time to be developed. This can be one of the reasons creating such time gaps between the release of one version and the next one.

As of now, Rockstar is still mum about the GTA 6 specifics; thus, the aforementioned rumors are advised to be taken with skepticism. Always stay tuned for further announcements and reports.

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