GTA 6 To Arrive in 2021, Game Rumored To Debut As Launching Title For PlayStation 5

Jasper Valdez
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Rumors about Rockstar’s new GTA installment, GTA 6, has seen an influx these past few months. Though not yet confirmed, many believe that the game is currently in the works. Now, new speculations claim that the sixth installment of the popular series will see an initial launch on the PlayStation 5, which is rumored to appear two or three years from now.

According to Valuewalk, this scenario might just be what’s happening behind the scenes as Rockstar has kept mum on the issue of GTA 6’s release in today’s current lineup of consoles which includes the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. They add that one scenario halting the development of GTA 6 for current gen consoles is the release of Red Dead Redemption 2 and with this being the case, it’s highly likely that GTA 6’s release timeframe will align with the next PlayStation installment making it available as a launching title.

Another scenario which strongly corroborates this possibility is the resignation of Leslie Benzies, Rockstar North’s former President. According to Kotaku, Benzies and his team were highly credited for doing most of the work in the Grand Theft Auto series and without him leading development on GTA 6, progress on the game will likely proceed at a slower pace.

On top of this, GTA is a title that takes a lot of time to create factoring in the open-world setting, the comprehensive storyline, and of course the missions.Taking these current situations into account, it’s obvious that a two or three-year time frame is going to be put into place for development alone, which (again) point towards the abovementioned possibility of debuting as a launching title for the PlayStation 5.

In other reports, this new iteration is set to improve on a lot of aspects of the GTA series. First, it’s allegedly planning to a female lead into the mix of protagonists. Another one is its return to Vice City, which currently remains to be seen. On top of this. The developers are also planning on developing a GTA Online for the GTA 6, which will enable players to play on a multitude of missions alongside friends. More on this, and probably most notable, is the integration of co-op gameplay inside the game, however, many believe that it won’t be a full-on leap into the genre as Rockstar previously stated that GTA works best in the single-player route.

Although exciting, these developments have yet to be confirmed. That’s why we advise fans to constantly be on the lookout for new updates regarding the GTA 6 and take these initial leaks with a grain of salt or more.

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