GTA 6: Three Major Changes Rockstar Can Adopt To Spice Up The Next GTA Installment

Jasper Valdez
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Right now, GTA V is still considered to be one of the best open world games out there despite coming out over five years ago. It seems like developer Rockstar is seeing it in the same perspective as no plans and announcements have been made regarding the next iteration, which many say will be appropriately tagged as GTA VI (GTA 6).

However, it’s definitely obvious that fans aren’t feeling the same way. With all the current hype surrounding the next title, it’s safe to say that the public is probably ready to take on the next stage – that is GTA 6. Although undoubtedly, this particular scenario is on point, Rockstar is obviously not going to give in just yet.

Taking a look at Rockstar Games’ recent body of work, it’s fairly noticeable that they’ve been putting emphasis on the development of their existing titles, especially GTA Online -which unexpectedly became the saving grace of GTA V after initial backlash from fans. Though currently, this is the case, it’s still not too far-off to think that Rockstar may already be working on GTA VI – considering the numerous leaks we’ve been provided with so far.

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of possible changes that Rockstar Games may incorporate or implement into the next title, providing fans with a familiar yet distinctly energizing gameplay experience more so than ever before.

A Female Protagonist

As we all know, it’s long been rumored that Grand Theft Auto 6 will be much different from the previous editions. One of the speculated changes is said to be occurring character-wise with Rockstar Games allegedly opting for a female lead rather than the usual testosterone-fueled male protagonist we’ve been presented with from the past five titles.

If this is true, it’s definitely going to make a statement – more so now that talk of women’s rights are prevalent. To us, if ever this comes about, it’s going to take the game to a whole new level of ‘wokeness’ – something that the game industry has yet to pry into. However, it still remains to be seen if the rest of the community will be willing to make that drastic change, considering most of the franchise’s players are male – and that’s going to be a key factor for discussion.

A Return To Vice City

Although, as of the moment, anything related to GTA 6’s plot is still conjectured, something that caught our attention is the talk regarding the game’s setting, which rumors suggest will transpire in GTA’s roots back in Vice City. This particular ideas really appeal to many (including us). Seeing as the series has been running for 21 years now – it’s not a bad idea to revisit what made GTA a success in the first place, however, of course, with a more contemporary twist and environment. Aside from this, it could also give Rockstar Games a chance to reboot the entire franchise – ushering a new era for the series and appealing more to the current generation.

A Story Turn Around

If you’ve been a fan of the GTA franchise for a long time now, then you’ll probably be familiar with its recurring plot theme – the criminal/vigilante vs. the authorities. By now, to us, that narrative has already played out its value and excitement – in simpler terms, it’s time to change things up.

One thing that Rockstar Games can do is to flip the story from the conventional criminal vs authority line of storytelling – to something that allows the players to get in the shoes of cops or official retainers. This would give the gave its much-needed refresh without entirely changing the theme of the game – only now, we play as the opposing faction. Or if this doesn’t seem all that convincing, Rockstar can also opt to give users the choice to choose between the vigilante route or the cop route, adding more dimension and a sense of now to the game.


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