'GTA 6' Rumors: Here’s What Is Known About The GTA 5 Successor

Maricris Jose
3:23 PM

The avid patrons of Rockstar Games’ are still waiting for the video game publisher to give an update regarding the GTA 6.

The only source of information about the much-awaited GTA 6 is The Know, a YouTube channel. The Know is claiming that an insider has divulged information about the GTA 5 successor and it is allegedly already in the works with the code name “Project Americas.”

Aside from that, there were also speculations that the GTA 6 will return to the classic “Grand Theft Auto” site, the Vice City. The fans of the video game can also anticipate that GTA 5 successor will not be restricted to just one location. As a matter of fact, there’s a possibility for players to take a wing from Vice City going to someplace in South America.

There is also a leak stating that the forthcoming game from Rockstar will also feature extra character customization choices that include a possibility of playing a female character. It was also revealed that the GTA 6 will not be limited to the original Vice City’s ’80s timeline as it may be set in contemporary Vice City.

In case the details that The Know revealed is accurate, the fans of GTA franchise can expect that something huge will arrive as the GTA 6 takes the center stage. But despite this, everyone is still advised that to manage the expectations since Rockstar may not be releasing the GTA 5 successor anytime. The main reason behind this is that the team is presently concentrated on launching the Red Dead Redemption 2.

The GTA 6 is yet to be formally proclaimed in production. Ever since The Know’s leak last March, no other source of details has verified the rumors. Hopefully, more information about the GTA 5 successor will surface soon. Always stay tuned as we’ll surely keep you updated regarding this much-anticipated video game from Rockstar.

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