GTA 6 Rumors 2018: Release Date, Plot, Map, Characters and more

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The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise has been around for quite a long time now. In that period, it has grown into an empire of its own, amassing thousands if not millions of fans throughout its colorful tenure ultimately marking itself as an action-platformer that to this day still goes unrivaled.

Due largely to the game’s popularity and loyal fan base, it is no mere coincidence that many are clamoring for another installment, GTA 6, from its developer and creator Rockstar Games. Seeing as GTA V, the latest game title in the series, came out over four years ago, people believe that it is just about time for another sequel to see a release.

Although the anticipation is undoubtedly massive, all we have now are unconfirmed speculations to go by. However, this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any truth to the rumors. If you’re interested in knowing all the latest developments in the much-anticipated GTA 6, then read on.

Release Date

As of present time, there is no confirmed window launch date for GTA 6 or confirmations that it is indeed in the works. But despite this, rumors continue to persist indicating that the game will be seeing a release not more than four years from now —a fitting timeline for something as big as GTA.  

According to an inside source from The Know, Rockstar has codenamed the game as ‘Project Americas’ and is now currently in development. The new game will be coming back to its roots and will see a probable release in 2022.If this 2022 release hits the mark spot on, VG247 argues that players shouldn’t expect Rockstar Games to drop the title the same year as it has not been living up to its debut promises for years now. Especially in the case of GTA V, whose release was delayed a couple of times, and most recently in Red Dead Redemption 2 ’s postponed arrival.

Plot, Setting, and Map

In terms of narrative, not much has come up through leaks or rumors. However, one speculation about the highly anticipated game that has seen a tremendous amount of attention is GTA 6’s said to return to Vice City — the setting for the first edition of the series, which started the phenomenon that GTA is today.

Aside from this, the hearsay adds that this map will, by far, be the largest not only encompassing the fictional Miami-inspired Vice City but will also extend throughout South America. Though South America is included, Miami will still be the home for the majority of the game’s missions. The game will only occasionally feature areas down south in-game.

New Protagonist

Originally, GTA only featured male protagonists in their series such as GTA San Andreas’ CJ Johnson, GTA 4’s Niko, and most recently GTA V’s trio of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. GTA 3 is the only title in the series which showed a female character play a much bigger role in the form of Catalina,  though still not as the main character. However, all of that is about to change. According to TrustedReviews, Rockstar Games is planning on veering away from its current formula of casting male leads by employing a female character in the new edition’s titular role. If Rockstar Games really intends to cast a female heroine in its next installment, it would make for a pretty interesting storyline. Who knows, it may even boost the game’s female audience.

Fresh and interesting as it may be, confirmations have not been made regarding GTA 6. Fans should take these particular developments with a grain of salt and stay-tuned for more of Rockstar Games’ future announcements, which will likely be not far-off from now.

If you have any significant news regarding GTA 6, let us know in the comments section below!


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