After working for almost 20 years at Rockstar Games, the company’s vice president of product development Jeronimo Barrera left the company. Will this affect the release date of the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA VI or GTA 6)?

The Departure

Barrera spoke with Variety. He revealed that he left Rockstar Games back in mid-December 2018 which was really quite a surprise, given his long history with the company.

According to Variety, during the five-year development of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2) and as the project was drawing to a close, that’s when Barrera decided it was about time to open a new chapter in his career. He told the news outlet:

I pretty much left when it was done, it was a natural progression,” he said. “I looked at what I would be doing for the next few years if I stayed on and where I was in life with my family, my kids, my desire to make cool s**t. I felt like it was hitting all of the right points.

Barrera also revealed that despite spending a long time with Rockstar Games, he felt isolated in some ways from the rest of the gaming industry.  As reported by The Leaker, the former president thought that they were in the dawn of the industry where which has a lot of cool stuff happening in technology, not just in the consoles, also with how games were published. So if he were to continue staying at Rockstar, he would see more GTAs and RDRs, and less of these other cool stuff that’s happening in technology.

Will This Affect The Release Date Of GTA 6?

Barrera described what he used to do while he was still working for Rockstar Games:
My job entailed basically steering the ship in the right direction,” he said. “With a studio team that maxed out at two thousand plus, just trying to keep the direction of all of this stuff heading in the right direction was pretty much my job.
With his departure from Rockstar Games, The Leaker reported that although it may have some effect on the team and the upcoming games, it will probably not be that huge. As for GTA 6 in particular, its launch date “may” be delayed.
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