GTA 6 Release Date and Rumors Detailed

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Video games enthusiasts have been waiting for the GTA 6 to become available. Unluckily, Rockstar Games hasn’t revealed the launch date of the much-anticipated game.

GTA 6 Release date

As of now, Rockstar hasn’t revealed any information about the GTA 6 release since they are focused on Red Dead Redemption 2. But since the Western shooter is confirmed to launch later this year, the video game developer’s attention will turn to GTA 6.

Moreover, it is anticipated that Rockstar will release a trailer of GTA 6 at the E3 trade show. Unluckily, that’s probably unlikely to happen, but one thing is for sure, and that is GTA 6 is in development already. With that, it is safe to assume that the much-awaited game will appear in 2021 at the earliest.

Other Rumors About The GTA 6

Apart from the release date, there have been other speculations surfacing online regarding the GTA 6. The rumors are as follows:

Female protagonist

One feature of the game that has been strongly pushed is the idea of a female protagonist. Every GTA game has included main characters that were male, despite that females have always played an important role in the GTA world. With that beings aid, it is expected that Rockstar would incorporate a female protagonist on GTA 6.

New Setting

It is sure that GTA 6 will be set in a fresh location. In fact, this could mean that the video game might be set in a Miami-like urban area; fundamentally an upgrade of GTA: Vice City.  Despite the speculation that the game could be set outside the United States, this is possibly not likely to happen. Tokyo had been mainly proposed, but the whole philosophy of the GTA game world seems to suit the US and its gun principles.

More Interiors

It is also expected that Rockstar would incorporate more interiors to the GTA 6. Although the game world in the previous GTA embodiment was definitely impressive, a lot of the shops, and even some of the recognizable vendors, from preceding games could not be entered. Thus, this is expected to be improved in the upcoming video game.

First-Person Emphasis

FPS gaming has been very popular, and introducing this for GTA 5 was certainly a wise move. Meanwhile, in GTA 6, Rockstar is expected to be working on producing a first-person system that makes the notorious crime game more of an authentic FPS title.

Huge Map

The GTA 6 is also predicted to will feature an amazingly huge map. Seeing the abilities of the PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One and the upcoming consoles, it has been believed that the upcoming game will offer a larger area compared to those included in GTA 5, GTA 4 and GTA: San Andreas altogether.

VR support

Lastly, Rockstar is anticipated to embrace virtual reality. Despite that this idea has yet to really launch as a mainstream gaming concept. But the GTA world has always been about overstated realism, and this basically means that it interconnects flawlessly with the concept of VR.

These are the known information and rumors about the GTA 6 as of this moment. Stay tuned for more updates!

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