GTA 6 Is Under Development But Fans Have To Wait Till 2020 For Next Grand Theft Auto Release

Antonio Manaytay
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GTA 6 is definitely coming after the successful game release of Grand Auto Theft 5. Fans have to wait, however, for at least two years from now.

Analysts believe that GTA VI release is not in the immediate horizon. It is neither 2018 nor 2019 – 2020 is the most likely release date for the new game.

There are so many reasons why it is so. One, Red Dead Redemption is scheduled to be released by the third quarter of 2018. This means Rockstar will be busy updating RDR to boost sales. Perhaps, some DLC content might be added to it.

Another reason: updating GTA online is a priority while GTA 5 is still waxing hot. So, why release a new game when fans are not yet done with the old one.

Considered a company masterpiece, GTA 5 will still bring in revenues. The company, then, is not yet done tinkering with it and give it a final touch like new scenarios, more mesmerizing graphics, and exciting fast-paced soundtrack.

It is still etched in most minds the time GTA 5 was released. Hard to forget is the game’s vivid graphics, adrenaline-pumping storyline, and a whole lot of new possibilities every gamer could imagine.

So, the news of Grand Theft Auto 6 coming gets everyone excited. If GTA 5 was superb, GTA VI could be a lot more than its predecessor. Expectations for GTA 6 soar high because of GTA 5 success.

GTA 6 Features

“We’ve got about 45 years worth of ideas we want to do,” former Rockstar president Leslie Benzies said five years ago. GTA 5 has the first for the company when it was released. It had the “first” in having three characters which a gamer could control. Everyone wants to control more, right? This is very tempting. Power seems to be everything for some people.

GTA 6’s features could even surpass it. With new technologies at the disposal of the company, GTA 6 could pack more drama in real-world graphics. It is also rumored that it has another “first” of the franchise: the game’s main character is a woman.

GTA 6 Playground

One special concern is the location where all the actions will take place. Some guess has it that Tokyo will be the place of choice. Others, however, are sure that new GTA will have a world of its own where all big cities of the world are within the gamers’ reach.

Release Date

While GTA 6 is a temptation but Rockstar cannot get off its hand in perfecting Wild West fantasy. Also, RDR 2 is set to be rolled out in October.

GTA VI, therefore, will not see the light at least for the next two years. If not in 2020, then the 2021-2022 timeframe is the most feasible as of now. It could be the longest record of releases of two GTA games.

In the meantime, fans can expect some big surprises from Rockstar’s current games available while looking forward to a very exciting future with the new Grand Theft Auto. Besides, no one is so sure what updates the company is planning.

Well, GTA 6 is definitely arriving but games aficionados have to wait. The new game is expected to keep everyone expectant.

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