GTA 6 Hype, Rumors, News And Everything We Know About The Game

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GTA is one of the best video game series we have seen so far in the recent times. Every installment from the franchise makes the gaming nation hype up. That is the kind of impact Rockstar, the developers of the Grand Theft Auto collection, gave to its fans in their games.

The company’s reputation for giving its fans memorable titles are consistent throughout the years. Like the latest Grand Theft Auto V which set world records and is currently a living legend in the gaming community.

As it stands right now, GTA V made almost six billion dollars and selling more than 90 million units worldwide. The game is still not showing any signs of slowing down. Currently, the gamers involved in the GTA V online servers are still one of the most active in the business.

The title was released last 2013. Although the game is already a few years old now and the player base is still active, many are wondering if there are any plans for the GTA VI.

Rockstar is known to be very quiet with their projects and currently focused on the upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 that will go out in the public this October. This doesn’t mean that the company is not working on the sixth installment of the GTA franchise.

A few weeks ago, a GTA fan posted an image in Twitter about the arrival of the GTA 6 in 2019. Sadly, Rockstar called the tweet a hoax and did not come from the company. Many think that the developers are just covering it up but let’s wait until things unfold themselves.

The folks from The Know provided a scoop about the GTA VI last March that suggests Vice City as one of the places where most of the storyline will take place. The Youtube channel also gave a hint that there would be a woman protagonist that will be part of the main characters. We currently can’t find any evidence that would tell us if the lady character will be part of a playable character or will just be part of the plot.

Under the codename ‘Project Americas,’ the plot of the game suggests that it would feature an intercontinental-sized map. A huge possibility of crossing the North and South America as part of the game would prove to be an enjoyable gameplay.

Gamers might see the GTA 6 series set in the 80’s theme. Just like the past installments that provided us an era for every GTA series. In the current GTA V, is set at the current timeline while the GTA San Andreas was set on the 90’s.

Current rumors are floating around suggests that the GTA VI will hit the stores by 2020 or 2021. It makes sense since Rockstar is closely occupied with the Red Dead Redemption 2 and running the GTA V Online community. It is also possible that the game will be featured as one of the new games for the rumored next-generation gaming consoles such as PS5 and the Xbox 2. We’ll just have to wait for any official statements from the company regarding GTA 6 or just let things unfold.

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