Grand Theft Auto 6: Features to be Included in GTA 6 for a Unique User Experience

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Online video game lovers are waiting with bated breath for the release of Rockstar’s next new game series Grand Theft Auto 6. Since expectations are high, the company needs to make sure that GTA 6 comes with new and interesting features good enough to keep gamers involved from beginning till end.

Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) was undoubtedly the all-time best-selling games mostly due to the fact that it was made available on a huge number of platforms. Grand Theft Auto 6 is a hugely anticipated game and next in line of the GTA series. While we had already covered a few ‘must-have’ features way back in March, here are few more important features that GTA 6 can include to give game lovers a unique and wholesome experience:

Improvement in the Police Service Required

One of the complaints that are being heard about GTA 6 is that the police are too powerful and behave unrealistically. Even though absolute realism is not expected in an online game, an improved cop service behaving a little more realistically will be a great improvement to the title.

What Rockstar can do is to provide a provision where non-player characters can call the cops when they witness a criminal activity. This feature was present in the Watch Dogs title that released a couple of years ago. It is quite possible that Rockstar would include elements of hacking that were part of that game.

Traveling the Globe

GTA series has so far traveled in Vice City, San Andreas, and Liberty City apart from a small stint in London and Alderney. Considering that there are 15 and more GTA titles, the location set available for the game is not much.

GTA 6 must explore new locations like Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Washington DC as well if Rockstar wants this to be a next-generation experience. GTA lovers would love to see the characters travel from the US to the UK, before stopping by in mainland Europe. Adding other country locations as well will appeal to worldwide game lovers.

The inclusion of Multiple Characters and Female Protagonists

The inclusion of multiple protagonists would add more thrill to the game. Another thing most talked about is the requirement to include a female protagonist in the game. Whether it is the trio ( Franklin, Michael, and Trevor) from GTA 5, Niko from GTA 4 or Carl (CJ) Johnson from GTA San Andreas, the game has so far been driven by men.
Women characters have until now been used only as sex objects or as a comedic foil in previous GTA series. Rockstars have been criticized for their sexist attitude, and the inclusion of a female lead will prove the critics wrong.

Creating a Destructible Environment

It might not have been possible previously, but GTA 6 must definitely provide an environment which can be destroyed. Gamers would love to see their favorite characters walking the entirely damaged street filled with bloody carnage. Further, blowing up buildings and cities to pieces can be pretty exciting for GTA gamers.

GTA 6 Must Provide Interiors to Explore

GTA 5 remains to date one of the most loved games, it fell short as far as the ability to enter and explore buildings are concerned. GTA 6 must make amenities so as to enable gamers to go and explore the buildings.

The inclusion of Skateboards and Other Improved Vehicles

In GTA 3, Tony was the popular character who with his unique brand of boarding games made his way into the hearts of GTA lovers. Rockstar could bring this feature back in the new GTA 6. It will give gamers an adrenaline high to see their characters hop on to a board and race towards their next goal.

We saw bicycles being used in GTA 5. Apart from skateboards, the new GTA can also include rollerblades to give a more awesome online experience.

Improved Narrative in GTA 6

GTA 5 was not too impressive as far as narrative elements are concerned. Since Naughty Dog has set the bar very high with their The Last of Us, it is now imperative that Rockstar match up to them or exceed the limit with an exceedingly compelling and convincing story in the new GTA series.

VR Experience in the New Game

Experimenting with PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) in GTA 6 is a good idea. VR can bring virtual worlds to life.
A first-person point-of-view, which was introduced in Grand Theft Auto 5 was well received by GTA lovers. If coupled with VR, the first-person point-of-view will help players to witness and live the Grand Theft Auto experience.

GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games expected to arrive only in 2021. We can endlessly talk about the many different features that can be part of GTA 6. Even though few of them might seem difficult, if there is somebody in the gaming industry who can do that, it is the Rockstar.

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