Grand Theft Auto 6 News And Rumors: Everything We know about Rockstar and GTA 6

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Rockstar, the developers of the world-famous Grand Theft Auto series are keeping their mouth shut for the next installment for the franchise, the GTA 6. Probably the most anticipated game in the recent time, we are here to supply fans with all the known rumors revolving around this game.

Even today, gamers still recognize some of the past GTA games as classics. San Andreas, released almost one and a half decade ago, is one of the most iconic games that we’ve seen and will probably go down the line as one of the most memorable titles in the industry.

Same can be said to the 2013 release Grand Theft Auto 5. The game is already out for almost 5 years and the installment is still making an impact in the gaming community up until today. The GTA Online is still packed with players around the globe and still no sign of slowing down.

With these facts, many GTA fanatics are wondering what can they expect or when can they see the new installment for the series. With the current unveiling of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar’s lips are sealed tight for any comments or announcements about the GTA VI and focusing more on their current game.

When Can We See GTA 6?

Rockstar is currently busy with the new game release that will be happening in October. Also, GTA 5 is still performing well and this might indicate that GTA 6 will not come to our consoles anytime soon.

There are rumors floating around the community suggesting that the game will become available for the new age of consoles like the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox 2. If we line this up together, it makes sense if Rockstar will develop the game and bridge it to the new console platform.

The dates suggest that GTA VI will most likely become available once the new consoles hit the market. We are talking about probably going between 2020 to 2022. With this, we might need to be more patient and we need to hold our excitement until we heard any news from the company.

Rockstar’s marketing team are really doing a great job of making consumers hype about their new game release. They went years in developing games without any leakages and few months before the release, they will start presenting tiny bits of information of the game to the public and after a few weeks, we will get to see some trailers and teasers for the game. Once this pattern surfaced to the public, we can be sure that the GTA 6 will be coming after a few months.

What Do We Expect From GTA 6?

Some news is floating around the community stating that the game will feature some gameplay from the city where the game started their conquest to the top of the leaderboards, we are talking about Vice City. There are reports suggesting that former playground, the Vice City will be present in the storyboard.

Another notable news about the game would be a female protagonist. We are not certain if the female character will be a selectable character or would be just a part of the plot but this will provide a new dimension and target markets to the game.

The game is also hiding under the code name Project Americas. As the name suggests, we can assume that the game plot might revolve around the North and South America. If this is the case, we might see a huge game map, crossing borders, and travel to other sections in the upcoming GTA 6.

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