Grand Theft Auto 6: Latest News, Updates and Rumors

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Grand Theft Auto V is the fastest selling entertainment product in history so Grand Theft Auto 6 is already a given. With $6 billion in total worldwide revenue since its release in 2013, it is only natural that developer Rockstar North would issue a follow-up to the popular game. It is just a matter of when not if.

Rockstar Games has not officially announced GTA 6 yet. But it is perfectly normal considering developers only unveil highly anticipated releases when they are ready to see the light of day.

Latest Grand Theft Auto 6 News

With Rockstar Games busy with Red Dead Redemption 2, there is virtually no possibility that the company will reveal GTA VI in the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2018 this weekend, according to NSEAVoice. If Rockstar does, it would most likely be just a simple announcement as it may steal Red Dead Redemption 2’s thunder. Even a statement about the game’s current status can already send fans into a frenzy.

However, the time is ripe for the arrival of the Grand Theft Auto 6. It has been five years since the fifth edition came out. That is the same amount of time that it took the Grand Theft Auto V to be released after its predecessor.

Rumors and leaks

Even without an official announcement, fans have already been speculating about the new features that will be introduced in GTA 6. There are some rumors and leaks that make sense like the potential virtual reality support and a Japan-based setting.

A few ludicrous rumors have also been reported, according to What Culture. One possibility is the inclusion of a time travel plotline in the game. It was also rumored that Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes may become part of the voice talent that will be utilized in GTA 6.

Are you looking forward to playing Grand Theft Auto 6? Post your comments below and let us know your thoughts.

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