Grand Theft Auto 6: Must Include Features in GTA VI

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Grand Theft Auto was an instant hit when it released way back in 2013. GTA 5 is still one of the most popular games in the online community. Rockstar, the company responsible for turning GTA into the gaming juggernaut that it is today has a bigger responsibility of bringing GTA 6 into the gaming zone.

GTA VI is expected to be a thrilling game with a mix of fun, crime, and even political satire. However, if anything goes wrong, or if the game does not include the necessary features required to make it a truly thrilling experience for its fans:

Listed below are the features that Rockstars must not miss to include in Grand Theft Auto 6:

An enhanced version of Vice city

Vice city is expected to return in GTA 6. An enhanced version of Vice City will be good as it will take us back right to the beginning.

The inclusion of female characters

Including female characters will be a great idea to fit into the new generation gaming zone. GTA has not had female heroes as yet, and so including at least one or few female leads or supporting characters (The last game to include female supporting characters was GTA 3) will be a great idea.

Hire celebrity to give voice to the Characters of GTA 6

One thing that stood out in GTA 5 was the voice of the characters that stood out. The voice characters did a great job in owning up the characters and that played a huge part in the success of the game. Rockstars can make the next version even grander by getting celebrities such as Samuel L. Jackson or Ryan Ronald to give voice to one or more of the Grand Theft Auto 6 characters.

New consoles for Grand Theft Auto

It will be great to play the game on new consoles. In fact, there are rumors that Rockstar is waiting for Microsoft and Sony to release their latest consoles after which they will include it in the game.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is being awaited with bated breath by game lovers. The game can go in any direction. Hence, it depends on how Rockstars choose to package and include or omit the necessary features to make the game a truly memorable experience for fans.

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