GPD Win 2 Release Slated In April 2018, Handheld Gaming PC Can Run GTA V

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The GPD Win is a gaming console/ultra-portable PC that was released way back in October 2016. Now,
latest technology news reveals that its successor, the GPD Win 2 will hit the market shelves April next year.

What does GPD stand for?

For a quick walkthrough about the maker of this handheld device, GPD name stands for GamePad Digital. The Shenzhen-based small company’s inventive, and niche products are evidence of what can be attained in the core of the Chinese supply chain.

GPD Win 2 Specs

According to Liliputing, the GPD Win 2, handheld gaming PC,  is slated to be replaced early next year. It will feature a 6-inches screen with 720p display resolution. This upcoming handheld device will be engineered with Intel Core M3-7Y30 Kaby Lake that is coupled with Intel 615 Graphics. The GPD Win successor will be equipped with a huge 8GB DDR3 RAM. The storage of the gadget will be improved too, as it will flaunt a 128GB M.2 SSD. Even though it’s not stated, it appears that the operating system will be Windows 10 Home once more.

GPD Win 2 Games

When it comes to the games that can be played on the GPD Win 2, latest technology news revealed that the device is capable of running GTA V. Apart from that, Bayonetta, Need for Speed: Rivals and Breath of the Wild can also be played using the handheld gadget through a Wii U emulator. With the said game line up, it’s certainly no stoop in the performance department and should make an outstanding gaming handheld.

GPD Win 2 Price

It can be recalled that the GPD Win is tagged at $400. But then, the GPD Win 2 is expected to be priced at $699, which is $299 higher compared to its predecessor. However, an Indiegogo campaign scheduled for January 15 next year will offer it for $599. The handheld gaming PC release happening at some time in April.

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