The Gaming Console From Google Set To Challenge PS5 And Xbox Two

Ronald Balondo
5:29 PM

Google might visit and join the gaming console race in the coming years. Dominated by the like of the PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, the company is planning to create their own line of hardware that is aiming for the gaming industry.

With the company’s successful line of devices across every platform, it no surprise that the company will try to venture into new fields. They know the potential of the gaming market is very huge and Google is trying to experiment their way into the scene.

Along comes, the secret project from Google called Yeti, Google’s very own gaming console. The name first appeared around the community last half of 2017 and there are few concrete news surfacing about it.

Many suggest that it is just a subscription- based gaming platform like the PlayStation Now. Others are telling that it will be like an upgraded version of the Chromecast. The rest are speculating that it is some sort of a hardware but it could be a combination of all of these.

A few years ago, we can sense the strong urge from Google to enter the gaming community. The company was in a strong position for acquiring the video streaming service made for gamers, the Twitch, but fell short to Amazon.

Currently, there are few reports pointing to Google and with some top-tier gaming developers in preparation for the upcoming project from Google. This signifies that the company is thinking ahead and trying to get as much firepower needed to compete with the current console giants.

For now, nothing is certain yet about the future plans of the company since they haven’t provided any statements for confirming the project. If proven true, the company is targeting 2020 or 2021, around the same time as the projected release of the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Two and we can expect a toe to toe battle against the tech giants for supremacy in the gaming world.

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