Google Pixelbook 2: Thrilling Features We Look Forward To

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Even before its release, the Google Pixelbook 2 is already being called as the king of Chromebooks. A year after its predecessor went on sale, people are finally seeing the unlimited potential of Chromebooks, which is why the attention on the Pixelbook 2 is more felt.

Possible features for Google Pixelbook 2

It is not an overstatement to say that the Google Pixelbook is one of the most highly awaited laptops of 2018. The first device in the product line was already excellent in itself. But just like most laptops, there is room for improvement. These are eight features rumored about the Google Pixelbook 2 that people are most excited about:

Coffee Lake processors

The release of the Coffee Lake processors will mean that Google will work hard to ramp up its processing functions. It is realistic to expect the latest Core i7 and Core i5 processors for it.

Enhanced battery life

The first Pixelbook’s battery is not exactly a lot of people’s favorite feature. Google is sure to make improvements to the power efficiency and battery capacity of the Pixelbook 2.

4K webcam

The Pixelbook is not exactly the cheapest device around. Google will benefit a lot if it improves its 720p webcam.

Fingerprint scanners

Fingerprint readers are a popular feature of the Pixel phones. For consistent branding, there is a big chance that it will be incorporated into the second Pixelbook as well.

Smaller bezels

The next laptop in the Pixelbook series may get smaller bezels, according to Android Police. This will make the device more appealing to design-conscious tech buyers.

Larger display screen

In connection with the smaller bezels, the display screen will be larger for sure. Even when the overall size of the Google Pixelbook 2 will stay the same, the screen may be much bigger.

Reported variety in color options

Sure, the silver and white color scheme of the first Pixelbook looks stunning but it limits the users’ choices. Variety will be very much appreciated in this aspect.

Official support for Linux apps

One of the strongest cases of buying the next Pixelbook is the confirmed official support for Linux. This will be done through the Project Crostini for Chrome OS.

As to the release date, Google has been typically mum about it. Several reports say that it will arrive in the third quarter of the year, according to Tech Radar. This is to take advantage of the holiday rush.

Powerful Chromebooks on the way

Google will surprise people again with the upcoming series of Chromebooks, according to Digital Trends. When the first Pixelbook was released, it stunned tech experts and reviewers as Chromebooks were not really known for their power back then.

The RAM ceiling for the next batch of releases could be at 16GB. While this may not seem much, it makes sense considering typical users do not need much more. The next Chromebooks, particularly the Pixelbook 2, will see an improvement over the already powerful 2400 x 1600 resolution of the first Pixelbook.

Do any of these reported features make you excited for the release of the Google Pixelbook 2? How powerful do you think will the next batch of Chromebooks be? Let us know through a post in the comments section below.

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