Google To Copy This iPhone Feature In Upcoming Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

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Every year, well-known tech companies such as Google, Apple, and Samsung are expected to launch their flagship phones. This year, from the Mountain View-based tech company, we have the Pixel 4.

So what are the specs and features that tech enthusiasts can expect from the upcoming Google flagship? Well, apparently, BGR’s Chris Smith believes that the Pixel 4 might have iPhone XS’s most advanced feature.

Google Will Be Inspiration From The iPhone XS?

According to Smith, when Google launched the first Android P Developer Preview last March, he explained why he thought at that time that the Pixel 3 would have a notch just like the iPhone X. Turns out, the Mountain View-based company did copy the iPhone X’s design, adapting other iPhone X features to work on Android in the process.

So what about the upcoming Pixel 4? What signature feature will it copy from the iPhone XS? Well, Smith said that it’s the Face ID. Apparently, the Android Q (aka Android 10) firmware, which is rumored to be officially announced in early March 2019, is supposedly going to support 3D face authentication.

Google Working On A Face ID-Like Feature?

Smith noted a report from xda-developers, saying that Google is working on a Face ID-like feature for Android Q. According to the report, they have spotted a dozen of strings and multiple methods, classes, and fields related to facial recognition in the framework, SystemUI, and System APKs in the leaked AOSP build of Android Q that they obtained.

The Series Of Tweets

Despite that, Smith is well aware that xda-developer’s findings aren’t enough to support the idea that the Pixel 4 will get a Face ID-like support. He then proceeds to point out a series of tweets made by Android Police’s David Ruddock, who said that Google is currently investigating whether optical fingerprint sensors designs are secure enough to be used for mobile payments and banking apps.

Note: Ruddock was referring to in-display fingerprint sensors.

As you can see from the second tweet made by Ruddock, he notes that if Google decides FPRs aren’t secure enough, then perhaps the company could look at another option – facial recognition.

When Can We Expect The Google Pixel 4?

If we’re going to base it at the release date of the previous models, we can expect the Pixel 4 to arrive either in October or November.

  • First generation – October 2016
  • Second generation – October 2017
  • Third generation – November 2018

What are the chances of the Pixel 4 having a facial recognition feature? Tell us in the comment section below.

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