Google Pixel 3 To Have Similar Design With iPhone X; Leaked Photos Confirm

Maricris Jose
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The physical design of Apple’s notch has become more and more popular aesthetic amongst the Android OEMs. As matter of fact, leaked photos of Google Pixel 3 reveals that it will have a design similar to the iPhone X.

According to iDrop News, Google’s upcoming Android P software will contain built-in support for high-end flagship handsets featuring a physical and hardware notch that’s similar to iPhone X. It can be recalled that the biggest search engine company has unveiled the first glimpse and specifics of Android P during its annual I/O developer’s conference. Some of the most noticeable revelations were quite a few iPhone X-inspired UI elements; this includes the gesture-based control.

Credit- iDrop News

Moreover, the screenshots obtained from a possible Google Pixel 3 device which was running Android P beta hinted that Google might have executed a more common notch-friendly UI on its own.  Based on the said screenshots, the users will only have up to four notifications. The remaining space amid the left and right sides of the device doesn’t have any content. With that, it’s speculated that the blank area in the notification bar will be the location where the notch is located on Google Pixel 3 and its sibling Pixel 3 XL.

Aside from this information, there are no other details available about the design plans for the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. But then, what’s clear is that Google has seemingly planned for a UI design that offers sufficient space for a notch at the top portion of the device.

With that, there’s a strong possibility that the Google Pixel 3 and its sibling could flaunt a huge old notch on their foreheads. But still, it’s also worth noting that if Google is serious about wanting to contend with iPhone X technically, and not just aesthetically, it will work hard on the front-facing camera department, which is where Apple’s TrueDepth sensor has been considered to be unsurpassed.

Do you think Google Pixel 3 will be the next iPhone X copycat? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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