Google Pixel 3: A Few Things We Hope To See in Google’s Next Pixel Device

Jasper Valdez
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We know that all of you are excited to see what Google has in store for their next device, the Pixel 3. In that regard, we’re no different. We’ve also been contemplating as to what form and what features the next handset will drop with. But whatever the case, we know full well that Google will be able to surprise us with something much bolder and, of course, better (obviously that’s the goal, ye?).

Now, in line with this, we’ve decided to create a list of the things we want the Google Pixel 3 to have. From wireless charging to new, impeccable screen displays, we’ve laid it all down. So, if you want to know more about it, just keep scrolling down!

A Bigger Screen and Smaller Bezels

As you all know, all the rave right now is about bigger screens and smaller bezels. That’s why we expect Google to make the jump through the Pixel 3. Various other equipment manufacturers have also made the change from Apple’s iPhone X to Samsung’s Note 8 – so, we see no reason Google shouldn’t adopt the trend.

However, we also imagine Google being reluctant when it comes to this particular trend as apparent in the Pixel 2, they’ve dedicated a large portion of the front display to the speakers, which, by the way, are amazing. If Google really wants to topple other handsets in the market, then they should, no doubt, think of a way to incorporate the bigger screen while still retaining their trademark speakers, which users love.

Wireless Charging

While wireless charging isn’t new to Google devices (cue in the Nexus lineup), the company has decided to forego the feature when it transitioned to the Pixel handsets. This time around we want and expect Google to bring the technology to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL since it’s already becoming a standard feature on all current models.

Aside from this, with the release of the iPhone X, who supports wireless charging, it’s only a matter of time until other manufacturers follow suit with the integration of wireless charging into their own flagships. With this being the case, the Pixel 3 should be equipped with it, if not then google should think of a better way to sell their devices.

Better Displays

The Pixel 2 was notorious for its awful screen display that unnerved a lot of consumers due to its blue tint and its susceptibility to screen burn. Taking this into account, we foresee Google implementing a more refined screen display sans the problems of the previous edition.

Better Camera Software

As you may have heard or experienced firsthand, Google is the undisputed king of smartphone cameras, besting  Apple, Samsung, and every other device manufacturer in the industry. However, unlike Samsung and Apple, Google seems to be lacking in the software department when it comes to cameras – evident on the Pixel 2 inability to perform with gesture controls and switch modes only through swipes. In light of this, we want Google to issue a more refined photographing experience for the Pixel 3 – complete with gesture controls and simplified mode navigation.

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