Google Pixel 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S10: The Battle Of Upcoming Flagships

Jasper Valdez
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When it comes to smartphone manufacturers, Google and Samsung are undoubtedly at the top of their respective games. With the imminent release of the Google Pixel 3 and the Samsung Galaxy S10, fans of both labels are starting to put the devices against each other to see who really has the best flagship among the two.

Currently, both companies have yet to unveil their upcoming devices. To give you a clearer view of what these devices are going to be, we’ve gathered everything there is to know about the next flagship handsets – all to make it easier to decide who’s on top of who.


According to latest reports, the Galaxy S10 will be coming with an all-new Infinity display with an aspect ratio of 93% – a significant increase from the S8 and S9’s 83.6%. When it comes to processors, Samsung will likely implement a new generation Qualcomm Snapdragon, which many believe to be the 855. In addition to this, the Korean-based manufacturer will also use their very own Exynos chip on units set for a release in the EMEA regions, which is still in development at this time.

The Galaxy S10 will also come with RAM capacities of 6GB and 8GB. As for memory, Samsung will forego the UFS 2.1 for the UFS 3.0 – delivering much faster bandwidth at the cost of lower power consumption. The device is also set to arrive with 5G connectivity, which Samsung has been working on the last few years.

Meanwhile, reports say that the Google Pixel 3 will also make the jump to a bigger AMOLED  screen display with much smaller bezels. Processor-wise, the Pixel 3 will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845, which is present in most high-end smartphones appearing this year. The device is also said to appear in three different variants, which suggests that there will be more affordable options to choose from.

When it comes to RAM, Google is allegedly ramping up the capacity to up to 6GB while retaining the internal storage to 64GB and 128GB options. In terms of connectivity, Google will be making use of Qualcomm’s super-fast X20 LTE, which offers up to 1Gbps of CAT 18 speeds.


Feature-wise, the Google Pixel 3 will be an improvement over its predecessor, the Pixel 2. It will, as usual, provide improvements on its top of the line camera setup, which proved to be above Samsung and iPhone. Enhancements to the camera software are also set to appear in the handset, with the interface adopting a much easier navigation from different modes.

In addition to this, the Pixel 3 is also allegedly planning to improve on its speakers. The speakers, as per speculations, will allegedly be placed at the front of the device. However, with Google accommodating a larger display this may prove to be a difficult task to do. But hey, it’s Google. We’re sure that they can work that kink out.

As for Samsung, the Galaxy S10 is said to be dropping with Samsung’s very own take on the in-display fingerprint feature. Rumors say that the technology is now being tested on the Note 9, however, some suggest that the feature will not be ready in time for the Note 9’s release, which sees the S10 as a likely candidate to come with the feature in tow.

The S10 is also set to be coming with battery improvements. The new device will allegedly boast a bigger battery pack than the current S9 flagship, but the capacity is still undisclosed. The latest leaks also say that the S10 will come with a 3D camera module developed in cooperation with Qualcomm, which means it could also arrive with the facial recognition feature that Apple currently vaunts.


Seeing as the S10 isn’t scheduled to be released until 2019, it’s still too early to make final estimations. However, if we base it on the S9’s current price of $720 which is lower than the S8’s, it’s probably going to be around the same price point or a little over than that at $730 or $750. But with demand fluctuations, the phone could also be priced at the $800 mark.

For the Pixel 3, we’ve already mentioned that there would be three variants – with one being more affordable than the other two. The Pixel 2 Xl is currently priced at the $800 mark if we base it on this value point, the Google Pixel 3 will likely be at the $900 price point or possibly even higher than that. At this point, it’s probably too early to tell as the Pixel 3 isn’t scheduled to appear in autumn or fall of this year.


Overall, with the Galaxy S10 and the Pixel 3 having different timelines of release, it’s safe to say that both will be on top of each other in some respects, especially the S10 when it comes to processing power. However, we’d like to think that the Google Pixel 3 will trump the Galaxy S10 in terms of shooting capabilities – as it always has in the past. Beyond these points, consumer preference will probably take control considering both are almost equal in specifications when it comes to RAM, memory, and storage capacity.

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