Everything That’s Rumored To Appear In This Year’s Google’s Hardware Event - Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, New Pixel Buds, and Pixel Watch

Jasper Valdez
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One of the most anticipated events this year will probably include Google’s hardware showcase -scheduled in fall of this year. Here, they launch everything that’s been brewing inside their headquarters, which many believe to be the following: the Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, New Pixel Buds, and their very own smartwatch, the Pixel Watch.

Taking this into account, we took it upon ourselves to verify which of the following products are really going to debut in this year’s hardware event. Just scroll down for the details!

Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3XL

Among the products we’ve mentioned, Google’s new Pixel Phone is probably the only one that’s sure to make an appearance in the said showcase. One strong evidence that supports this claim is Google’s annual Pixel release period, which directly falls in line with the company’s hardware event schedule, which lies in October.

Besides this, both devices have already been confirmed. According to the latest report, Google posted a commit on the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) identifying the Pixel 3 device, which will come in two variants ( likely the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3XL). With this being the case, we see no reason for Google to delay the handsets’ release. Thus, we believe that the Pixel 3 and its variant will be unveiled during the fall event.

New Pixel Buds

While this is the first time we’re hearing of Google’s second-generation Pixel Buds, there’s still a big possibility that the ear accessory will debut during Google’s hardware event. According to self-professed insider Evan Blass, Google is allegedly planning to expand their repertoire of hardware devices, which they obviously lack. This venture is said to be jump-started by the new Pixel Bud, accompanied by the Pixel 3.

Pixel Watch

In addition to the Pixel Buds, Blass says that another product which will see an outing during Google’s hardware event will be the Pixel Watch. If true, the Pixel Watch will be the company’s first venture into the smartwatch scene – a niche that Apple has long conquered.

Despite the promising lead, there’s still not much information on the Pixel Watch, especially how it will look. However, 9to5Google shares that there’s a watch brewing inside LG’s headquarters said to be powered by Google’s very own Wear OS – though they’re still not convinced whether this will be Google’s Pixel Watch.

As always, we urge our readers to take these developments with a grain of salt. Google has yet to issue any confirmations on their fall event so things might still be subjected to change. However, it’s still interesting to see that Google is now going head to head with Apple, especially with the case of the Pixel Watch.

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