Five Features That Google Pixel 3 Must Have

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It is not just companies like Samsung and Apple that are giving Google a stiff competition. The search engine leader has also to struggle for supremacy from smaller smartphone manufacturers. However, Google can defeat all Android makers with its upcoming revolutionary smartphone, Google Pixel 3.

While Huawei is experimenting with foldable technology, OnePlus is aiming at giving consumers top experience at low costs. Bigger companies like Apple and Samsung have something to offer that stands out from its competitors. It is hence imperative that Google too rises to the challenge. When it comes to Google Pixel 3, the company plans to offer three models this year. Here are the features that Google must include in its Pixel 3 to be able to challenge its competitors:

Pixel Buds

People had huge expectations from the Pixel Buds when it launched. However, it had too many problems to deserve much respect. The various problems surrounding Pixel Buds were bad sound, high cost, inferior design, and no noise canceling. It couldn’t hold a charge either.

In spite of such issues, the concept was rock solid. The translation feature and assistants in headphones are excellent concepts that can be improved upon. Working on the problematic areas of Pixel Buds can greatly improve the user experience.

Google’s Headphone jack

Google was proud that it had a headphone jack at the time when iPhone 7 did not. But for some reason, it was removed in the Pixel 2 XL. Since other smartphone companies like Samsung, LG, and OnePlus are retaining the headphone jack, it would be a good idea for the search giant to bring back the feature.

Pixel 3 – Better Design

Google’s $1.1 billion acquisition of HTC‘s smartphone team was made possible in January this year.

According to Ramon Llamas, research director for mobile devices at IDC, “The HTC team has a lot of expertise with the design. There’s something to be said about controlling your destiny when you do software and hardware at the same time.”

Apple too operates similarly. It was able to have an edge over its competitors with Face ID technology on the iPhone X since both its team (hardware and software) worked together.

“Apple doesn’t release a feature until the hardware can keep up with it. And, the hardware doesn’t do anything until there’s some good software to go along with it,” said Llamas.

Google Pixel 3 Camera

Thanks to artificial intelligence, Google’s phones can pull off realistic-looking portraits with a blurred background without a secondary telephoto lens. This is awesome, and as Greengart said, “that Google could if it wanted to, put in every Android phone.”

However, the addition of a secondary lens to the Pixel 3 XL will be good so as to enable one of its handsets to offer a 2x optical zoom.

Pixel 3 Must be a Better Proactive Assistant

In order for Google Pixel 3 to stand out, Google will have to figure out ways to make its Assistant anticipate the user’s needs and even take the shoppers by surprise with its intelligence.

Pixel 2, for example, can tell you the song that is being played in the background on the lock screen. Google Pixel 3 will have to work on these features.

Google Assistant, as per a Bloomberg report will be made open to third-party developers. Hence the possibilities for expanding the reach of Google’s digital assistant are huge.

The challenge that Google faces is trying to figure out the features that will make its Pixel 3 truly unique. Do you think Google Pixel 3 will offer consumers things that no other Android manufacturers have been able to invent so far? Tell us in the comment box below.

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