New Pixel 3 Concept Design Teases What’s Coming for Google’s Next Device

Jasper Valdez
2:49 PM

One of the most-awaited handsets this year is definitely Google Pixel 3. A testament to this overwhelming anticipation are the numerous updates and leaks that have been constantly popping up throughout the interwebs since news of the device first made headlines.

Although now, it’s safe to assume that the Pixel 3 will be a huge improvement from its predecessors, unfortunately, we still don’t have a clue as to what the device will actually look like. This is where artist renders and concept designs come in. They help us get a clearer view and a more solid understanding of the physical aspects of upcoming devices, which, though imagined, is still pretty exciting nonetheless.

One Pixel 3 render that we most certainly took notice of is Concept Creator’s artist re-imagining. His particular take on Google’s much-talked-about handset is pretty much spot on (if you ask us).

From the sleeker design aesthetic to the more compact form down to the bigger screen display, it all spells possible to us. In addition to this, he also included color variants of the Google Pixel 3 – the metallic teal, the iridescent purple, and the combination of black and red, which, in all honesty, are all on point.

However, despite how much we adore Concept Creator’s iteration of the Pixel 3, there are still discrepancies in his designs. One of which is the inclusion of the notch in the Google Pixel 3 -a feature that’s sure to come if we judge by the consistency of leaks. Another one would be the fingerprint scanner, which he placed at the back. According to reports, Pixel 3 will sport an in-display fingerprint scanner on the front – which will see the back sensor disappear altogether.

Though this is the case, it’s still important to note that what this artist render offers us is a peek into what’s possible for the Pixel 3 – Kind of like a prediction per se and is in no way telling.With this in mind, we urge our readers to turn towards Google for confirmations and facts -that way we’ll be able to stay closer to the truth.

If you’d like to watch the video, just click the play button below!

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