Google Pixel 3 Coming with iPhone X-like Navigation Gestures

Jasper Valdez
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In earlier leaks and renders, we’ve seen that one aspect that Google is adopting when it comes to the Pixel 3 is a notch – a feature which Apple popularized through their flagship device, the iPhone X. However, it seems like this isn’t the only pointer the Mountainview-based equipment manufacturer is taking from Apple as a new update reveals that the Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL is also arriving with new navigational gestures.

The news, which came directly from Google’s developer site, was initially meant to showcase Android P’s built-in DNS support accompanied by a screenshot of the new option.  But more than this, what got everyone’s attention is the new virtual navigation, which showed off a redesigned flat, pill-shaped home button, a hollow back button and most importantly, the absence of a multitask button.

What’s more intriguing is that Google quickly pulled the photo from the blog post. This, in turn, elicited a lot of questions from the community, which were a mix of confusion and shock.

Despite the clamor for an explanation, Google has yet to issue any confirmations regarding the nav bar redesign. With this being the case, many turned towards the developer preview but the new navigational buttons did not appear. Forbes says this is probably because Google is still secretly working on the new feature, which means that it’s possible for Google not to release it as part of the developer preview.

According to BGR, Android P’s new navigational button looked awfully similar to the iPhone X ’s virtual home buttons, which, they say, suggests that Google is planning to integrate various navigational gestures into the device – a feat that Apple accomplished when it decided to forego the home button on the iPhone X.

Although this new development seems telling of what’s to come for the Pixel 3, Google hasn’t confirmed anything yet, which leaves us to think that this might not be final. In addition to this, the Pixel 3 is still in development so, a lot could still happen during that time. We advise our readers to still take these updates with a grain of salt as nothing has been proven true yet. Overall, it’s still important to note what route the Pixel lineup is heading towards -even if it’s taking cues from Apple for the most part.

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