Google Pixel 3: 7 Things We Want In The Next Smartphone

Yves Amodia
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Ever since rumors started that the Google Pixel 3 is coming, fans of the product lineup have expressed their excitement about it. The next entry in the Pixel series is said to offer major improvements when compared to its predecessor after the lukewarm reception to Pixel 2.

Our Google Pixel 3 wishlist

Nothing is confirmed about the Pixel 3 yet. There are leaks that indicate the direction the company is going with the new smartphone but none of them are really official until the phone reaches retail stores. These seven things are among those that the buying public wants to get for the Google Pixel 3:

Better design

One of the biggest complaints of users with the Google Pixel 2 when it was released is its lackluster design. While the black and white color combination and the classic glass element around the camera look good, there was nothing exciting about it. The side bezels of the phone were also bigger than expected. If Google focuses a bit on the design features of the device, Pixel 3 may have a brighter reception than the previous product line entry.

Improved screen

A common comment among those who bought the Pixel 2 was the shockingly low-quality display. According to users, when you tilt the phone a bit, everything on the display turns into a shade of blue. It is high time that Google take these screen and display issues seriously.

Water resistance

With a lot of phones getting destroyed after they fall in the shower or pool, water resistance is definitely one big consideration for phone buyers these days. Pixel 2 offered an IP67 certification, according to Tech Radar. This means it could survive being submerged in 1 meter deep of water for 30 minutes. However, other brands’ flagship models have better certifications. This should pressure Google to step up.

Wider availability

Availability is a major concern of potential Google Pixel 3 users. After all, the Pixel phone was only available as a Verizon Wireless exclusive in the United States. It can also only be bought in a few countries.

Return of Active Edge

Fans of one of the best features of the Pixel 2 are hoping that it will still be in the next smartphone. Active Edge enables users to just squeeze the phone to launch Google Assistant.

The inclusion of wireless charging

Wireless charging has not been a feature of any Pixel phone so far. That may change with the Pixel 3, according to Business Insider. Leaks so far hint that the upcoming device will get a glass back. This is said to be an indication that it will get wireless charging as this is a condition needed for it to work.

Enhanced quality of the loudspeaker

Even with two front speakers, the sound of the Pixel 2 is not exactly the best. If Google wants to see better sales, it should invest in better speakers for a stunning audio experience.

Which of these things would you want in the Google Pixel 3? Post an entry in the comments section so we will know about other items on your own wish lists.

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