Google Maps Launches ‘Two-Wheeler’ Mode In India

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India has been the world’s largest ‘two-wheeler’ market, where 48,000 motorcycles sold every day. The biggest search engine company, Google has taken note of that and users across ‘The Jewel in the Crown’ are having a taste of “Motorcycle” or “Two-wheeler” Mode in Google Maps.

Google Maps “Two-wheeler” Mode Announcement and Versions

The “Two-wheeler” mode for Google Maps was announced by the Google for India at New Delhi last December 5. The said option is popping up along with the car, public transit, and walking selections.

Tech enthusiasts already know that something like this was arriving for some time now. The v9.61, v9.62, and v9.66 all restricted strings connecting to some sort of “Two-wheeler” or “Motorcycle” Mode. This appears to be the ultimate conclusion of those versions.

One motorcyclist has posted that he got the v9.67.1, which is the most modern version released. Based on his screenshots, the “Two-wheeler” or “Motorcycle” Mode has the same objective as any other mode. That is to find the best, most proficient route probable given the type of transportation the user has. Since motorcycles can fit in spaces and places that cars must go around, users will have to note that estimated travel times are faster and at times convenient.

Moreover, it was previously reported that first visible version for an Indian user is in the version 9.67.1 of Google Maps. Apart from that, it was also worth mentioning that India, which is also known as “The Jewel in the Crown” is one of the first countries to obtain the “Two-wheeler” or “Motorcycle” Mode in Google Maps.

What is “Two-wheeler” or “Motorcycle” Mode On Google Maps?

For further clarification, the “Two-wheeler” or “Motorcycle” Mode basically tell people using the Google Map the fastest, most proficient route to a destination while the user is on two-wheeler or motorcycle. The projected time of arrival is shown in this new feature might just be a little less than that for a car. Also, the said feature will supposedly display the parking status at the destination as well, together with road closures that might be encountered along the way.

Google Maps release of the “Two-wheeler” or “Motorcycle” Mode for India makes a lot of sense since a lot more people utilize motorcycle for daily travel. Apart from that, all streets in India are wide enough to fit in larger vehicles like a car. It was also noted that Google Maps director Martha Welsh previously made an official announcement at Google during an India event. Nevertheless, it is still unclear if the “Two-wheeler” or “Motorcycle” Mode feature for Maps will be accessible for users in other markets as well.

In this move, it can be seen that Google has been fairly active in releasing India-centric features for Maps. It can be recalled that a new home screen for the app on Android, which loads faster, was launched last May. This adds shortcuts on the home screen of the app that will promptly allow users to see directions cards, satellite imagery of a place as well as concurrent information about road traffic.

For the Google Maps users in India, the update is being rolled out in phases, so it’s advised to upgrade the Maps app to the latest version to obtain the feature. What can you say about the new “Two-wheeler” or “Motorcycle” Mode of Google Maps? Don’t hesitate to share it with us in our comments section.

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