Everything We Know About Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2

Daphne Planca
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The tech company Google announced last year that they are no longer pursuing the consumer version of the Google Glass. However, they introduced the new version called the Glass Enterprise Edition for businesses and became a success. The usual customers were DHL, Samsung, Volkswagen, General Electric, and more.

According to MySmartPrice, the company may likely work on the second-gen Google Glass Enterprise Edition. The device with a model number GG2 just gained its US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) certification. This device will have similar designs to the first-generation Glass Enterprise Edition. However, it wasn’t indicated in the FCC listing about the hardware and key features. These will possibly be announced very soon.

In terms of specifications, the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 is expected to have similar upgrades to the first-gen model like a longer battery life, improved performance, faster Wi-Fi speeds, an 8-megapixel resolution camera, and more. This hands-free device is designed for hands-on workers to stay focused on their high-value work and refrain from distractions. You just say “OK Glass” to activate the right application.

Regarding functionality, the display-enabled glasses can let the workers instantly access training videos and quality assurance checklists and seek expertise from other coworkers. They can collaborate with others and troubleshoot any problems in real-time. They can invite others to watch what they are seeing through a live video stream. If there is no device, they will be forced to leave their workstation or use another device like a nearby computer just to retrieve the important information.

Overall, the upcoming glasses will focus more on factory workers and other industry employees for real-time information and hands-free IoT connectivity. There is a possibility that it won’t be available outside of the market but only for enterprise uses such as manufacturing, logistics, and healthcare businesses.

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