The popular Playstation shining jewel God of War that had debuted as a console exclusive in 2005 is all set to make a comeback with its fifth version. The blood-soaked mythological adventure game had garnered much acclaim. The game had garnered a legion of diehard fans throughout its 14-year lifespan. In 2008 the reboot version of it titled as God of war had continued the legacy of the series by turning Kratos into a stoic father figure. In the reboot version, the improvement of the Kratos aided the game to stay true to its roots by providing the fans with the treat of brutal combat.

God of War 5: Release date

 As per speculations, the God of War 5 is all set to be released this year. The game director Cory Barlog had dropped hints ever since March 2020 regarding the release of the game. Barlog had also revealed that in May 2020, the fans would witness a boss battle against an enormous, demonic bird that was cut from the 2018 reboot game. The feathered monster was originally slated to be encountered in Helheim, but Santa Monica didn’t have enough time to add it before the release deadline. 

This indicated that Barlog and his team have remaining assets that might be added to God of War 5 when it is imminently released on PS5. Sony has a planned PS5 reveal event scheduled for June 4, but the release was postponed in respect of the death of Geroge Floyd in Minneapolis. However, due to the current pandemic situation, the release of the game has been delayed. There has been no official confirmation from the team regarding the release date of the game.

God of War 5: Teaser

The first look was supposed to be released at the PS5 release event by Sony. The God of war five would have significant developments in terms of graphics, visual effects, and storyline. Although the teaser of the show hasn’t yet been released, it has been rumored that new game series would start Thro as a crucial aspect of the plot. It has been speculated that the new game would focus more on Atreus as the story progresses.

God of War 5: Leaks

It has been rumored that the title of the new PS5 would be God of war Ragnarok. The name suggests a completely new beginning for the God of War franchise. The fans might also witness the end of Norse mythology in the next game. The game is expected to jump into Egyptian mythology in the upcoming editions. Some sources have cited that the new game would be in continuation of the last game. In the last game, Kratos and Atreus triggered the apocalypse, but if the rumors are to be believed, then the new game would not end. Rather would be a new beginning.