Gauze, iTranslate, Victrola and Other Jailbreak Tweaks Released From May 21-May 27

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It is that time of the week when you must check out the newly released jailbreak tweaks for iPhone or iPad. If you have the jailbroken iOS devices, grab the below mentioned Cydia tweaks.

Here is a roundup of all the jailbreak tweaks released in Cydia between May 21st and May 27th.


App Switcher by Apple needs a lot of scrolling to get to the required app. The new jailbreak tweak called Gauze at $1.29 gives users a grid-style App Switcher, which allows the users to do many things at a glance.


An iPhone 5s or earlier running iOS 10.2 will not show contact avatars at the top of the Messages app unlike a large handset like the iPhone 6 and newer. The freely available Navatar compels iOS to display the contact avatar in the navigation bar. A contact photo or contact’s first and last initials will then be seen if you have configured it.


The free iTranslate adds the translate button on to the iPhone’s native web browser Safari. It can be accessed by highlighting text on any web page. Then, when you tap on the Translate button (inside of the Copy/Paste menu), iTranslate launches a Google Translate page. This will translate any of the highlighted text.


CopySources is freely available via BigBoss repository and allows you to copy or share your Cydia repository sources with others.


Victrola available at $2.49 is a fresh take on the look of your Lock screen’s Now Playing music controls. It replaces the bland square look and overall feels with something more modern. Apart from the shape of the album artwork, it is also enticing to see how the progress indicator wraps around the circular artwork display.


Foldercy, which is freely available via CydiaGeek’s beta repository gives your home screen folders a brand new look and feel.


This jailbreak tweak lets you clear all conversations from in the official Snapchat app (free via BigBoss repository)


InstaJustSearch, which is free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository, removes the Explore Feed and Suggested Stories elements from the official Instagram app.


TapFolderExit jailbreak tweak is free via CydiaGeek’s beta repository allows you to leave folders by touching anywhere inside of the folder interface.

Vigor 2 (Beta)

Vigor 2 at $2.00 via Packix repository brings dynamic app icons to your Home screen. It allows display notifications and in-app content.


YTCopyDescription which is free via BigBoss repository makes things easier to copy and share descriptions of a
YouTube video.


UICustomizerForTwitter is a free tweak via Packix repository. From this, you can customize how the official Twitter app looks (free via Packix repository).

Tell us which one of these was your favorite jailbreak tweaks released last week. Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

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