Wondering How Many More Seasons Of Game Of Thrones Are In Store? Read All Details Inside

Mohnish Singh
1:58 PM

Game Of Thrones, which runs on HBO, has caught the fancy of millions of viewers across the nook and corner of the world. The American television series is not popular only in America, you go to any other part of the world and chances are high that you might meet GOT fans everywhere on the planet earth.

As we all know that the final season of Game Of Thrones is all set to premiere on HBO on April 14, 2019. Fans have already started making some changes in their schedule so that they don’t miss out on even a single episode of the series on their television screens. While many fans are indeed excited to know that the eighth season of the hotly popular series is around the corner, some of them are sad that there will not be any next season.

But wait, who told you that there are not going to be any new seasons of the iconic series? Some of you may already know that a spin-off to Game Of Thrones is in the works at HBO, which means that though GOT might be officially over on May 19 after a six-episode season, the world of Westeros is not going away permanently. The channel is planning to come back with GOT spin-off somewhere in 2020 if reports are to be believed.

If there could be a spin-off to Game Of Thrones, then we should not rule out the possibility of the next season as well. You never know that by the end of the spin-off, the channel changes its mood and gives a go-ahead to the next installment of the series. Even if it does not do so, fans should be happy to know that GOT spin-off is still there to keep them hooked to the world of Westeros for some more time.

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