Galaxy Tab S4 Support Page Spotted On French Samsung Website

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A support page for the Galaxy Tab S4 popped up in one of Samsung official websites. However, there’s a catch which makes one doubt if this support page is even real.

The Mysterious Support Page

According to Sam Mobile, a support page for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 popped up on one of Samsung’s official site, or at least a Samsung device with the number SM-T835. Immediately, 73Buzz quickly went out to investigate this piece of information for everyone that’s been constantly on the lookout for new details regarding the highly anticipated tablet.

Credit- Sammobile

However, upon opening the link to where the support page could be found, there lay a message written in French saying that the page is temporarily unavailable. So what is happening?

The Clues

No one knows why the page is currently temporarily unavailable or when will it even be back on. But before some of you decide to dismiss the support page as nothing but a hoax, there are clues that prove that this could be real:

  • The first clue is that there is a screenshot when the page was still active. On the photo, the words are written in French with the model number SM-T835. But of course, one could also argue about the authenticity of it.
  • The second clue is the web page. It’s one of Samsung’s official websites — according to the sources.
  • The third clue is the URL link which says “”. The part where it mentions “SM-T835…” is the reported model number for the Galaxy Tab S4.

Keep in mind that despite these three clues presented, there is still a possibility that the support page could just be a hoax. So make sure to take this with a pinch of salt.

So what do you guys think about the authenticity of the Galaxy Tab S4’s appearance on support page? If you think it’s real, what causes it to become temporarily unavailable? We would like to hear from you in the comment section below.

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