These Samsung Galaxy S10 Features Will Give iPhone X Plus A Run For Its Money

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2019 may see the ultimate battle between Apple and Samsung as the companies are geared to launch the iPhone X Plus and Samsung Galaxy S10 respectively. The release of the two highly-awaited products is said to intensify further the competition between the titans. Samsung is considered to be Apple’s main rival in the smartphone race. The competition between the two companies has been so tight, in fact, that other companies have been forced to step up as both Apple and Samsung innovate the smartphone experience.

The leaks for Samsung Galaxy S10, however, indicate that it may have a few advantages over the iPhone X. These five Galaxy S10 features will surely give its Apple counterpart a run for its money:

5G Connectivity

5G connectivity is one of the most exciting features that the S10 may have. Once released, it will become the world’s first smartphone to support 5G connectivity. This feature is almost certainly a given considering that Samsung recently signed a partnership agreement with parts manufacturer Qualcomm. This agreement specifically outlined plans for the Korean giant to “transition to 5G.”

Samsung’s move to 5G will improve the upload and download speeds for files while enhancing the streaming experience. The slow construction of 5G networks all over the world may present a challenge, however.

Infinity Display

The Samsung Galaxy S10 is said to get an even higher screen-to-body ratio. Recent reports say that it will go up to 93 percent from the 83.6 percent ratio that was observed with the Galaxy S8 and S9. This is the new edge-to-edge display that a lot of news outlets have been widely reporting.

The new Infinity Display will have a PPI of more than 600, which gives even more room for the screen. Samsung also worked hard in reducing the bezel of the new phone.

Notch-free Front Screen

Samsung is said to be incorporating a notch-free screen on the Galaxy S10. In its place, the company may put an additional camera. The display is also expected to double as a voice-call speaker through the Sound on Display feature, which means that the traditional earpiece may be removed.

Under-screen Fingerprint Reader

The under-screen fingerprint reader has been rumored as a Samsung feature for so long now. There is, however, credible reason to believe that it will come with the Galaxy S10.

Months ago, it was rumored that the Galaxy Note 9 will be the first Samsung device to get the under-screen fingerprint scanner. But more recent reports say that the Korean corporation reserved the particular feature for the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus, according to Trusted Reviews.

UFS 3.0 Support

The Universal Flash Storage (UFS) 3.0 support for the Samsung Galaxy S10 will result in improvements in both the memory and storage. This means that installing apps will be faster and be accessing and editing media will be easier than ever.

Do you think the buying public will ultimately judge the Samsung Galaxy S10 as better than the iPhone X Plus? Let us know what your theories are in the comments section.

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