Galaxy Note 9: A Round Up Of Everything That’s Coming

Jasper Valdez
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Samsung is one of the most highly revered phone makers of the current generations. With this, many are expecting a lot from the equipment manufacturer when it comes to its flagship devices, especially from the upcoming ninth iteration of the Note series, the Galaxy Note 9.

Taking into account the overwhelming anticipation of the Galaxy Note 9 – various new leaks and updates are popping up one after the other, detailing certain aspects of the much-talked-about device. Due to this abundance, it’s getting hard to keep up with facts altogether. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to sift through this bulk of information – segregating rough facts from works of fiction. If you’re ready for it, just scroll down to continue!

Release Date

In one of our earlier features about the Galaxy Note 9, we reported (via SamMobile) that Samsung was working on the device’s firmware two weeks earlier than its predecessor the Galaxy Note 8. Now, assuming that this particular strategy bears significance to the Note 9’s release, then there’s a chance that Samsung is planning to introduce the Note 9 at an earlier date.

Last 2017, the Galaxy Note 8 arrived mid-August. If Samsung really aims to pursue an earlier release schedule, we could be seeing the Note 9 in the first or second week of the same month.

Specifications and Features

By tradition, the Galaxy Note series follows after the release of the latest Galaxy S handset. Not only that, the specifications of the latter also translates to the next Note model, albeit a little enhanced.

With this in mind, the Galaxy Note 9 will probably sport the S9’s internal capabilities. First on this list would be the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, however, as mentioned in one of our earlier posts, the Note 9 will also come in a variant boasting Samsung’s Exynos 9810. This processor will be paired with 6GB of RAM and an internal storage capacity of 64GB – though Samsung might offer something higher.

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In terms of display, this model will probably take after the Note 8, vaunting a 6-inch AMOLED display partnered with smaller, rounded bezels and an aspect ratio of 18.5: 9. Battery-wise, this new iteration will come with a bigger power pack of 3,850mAh or a 4,000mAh – a significant increase from the Note 8’s 3,300mAh. To complete this new upgrade, Adaptive Fast Charging and wireless charging are also going to be present.

In terms of camera setup, the new phone will also feature a dual camera on the rear capable of shooting at 4K at 60fps. Meanwhile, the front will feature a single 8MP front-facing lens – capable of shooting in QHD.

In addition to this, the Galaxy Note 9 is also rumored to drop with an in-display fingerprint reader. However, according to recent reports, Samsung is currently struggling to seamlessly integrate the feature into their device. That’s why it’s still uncertain at this point if the reader will see the light of day.

As always, we urge our readers to take these developments with a grain of salt. As of now, nothing has been confirmed yet that’s why it’s better to look towards Samsung for announcements and confirmations.

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