Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price Might Touch $1000 Mark

Purnima Gupta
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Samsung will make a splashing release of Galaxy Note 9 by the latter half of this year. Samsung, the Korean mobile giant is considered the top contenders for the iPhone in the mobile technology market. Design, specs, software, battery life, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is poised to dazzle with an unimaginable experience to its users, once again. Mobile freaks all over the world are anticipating an enhanced bezel-free display from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (as it’s tending!).

Samsung fans can expect a complete overhaul of the design of the rear side, as the look should remain more or less the same. An in-display fingerprint sensor, dust, and water-resistant body enough proves that the phone is seriously out there to leave its own mark. The display will be astounding of 6.3 inches with OLED, pretty much similar to its predecessor Note 8.

Under the hood, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will boast 6 GB RAM and will run on a Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 SoC chipset for the US market and 9810 for others. The software reportedly has Android 8.0 Oreo with jumbo 3500 mAh battery to power the smartphone.

With a bucketful of advanced feature & packed with edgy innovations, Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s price is expected to soar. Experts are predicting a tough competition with its contemporaries in a matter of price and specs. Bezel-less technology, fingerprints sensors, camera and an augmented display of 9.0 user interface can make Samsung Galaxy Note 9 bit costly in its category. Color variations too will add on to its pricing strategy. Galaxy Note 8 was priced at $929. Therefore, according to the tech pundits, Galaxy Note 9 can be available at around or at $1000. If such features are on the offering for users in Samsung Galaxy Note 9, then a steep rise in worth can be considered a justifiable move.

Speculations will continue until the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is available on the shelf for purchases. What’s your opinion on the price of the phone, let us know in the comment section below.

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