Futuristic Screens for Apple Users: Reflective Screens and Smart Mirrors

Ronald Balondo
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The possibility of speaking in front of the mirror and doing computer stuff seems to be only present in science fiction and futuristic themed movies. However, that may change in the new future given the technological advancements we made in the past few years.

A versatile screen that can do futuristic stuff that can effectively adjust its reflectiveness and act as a mirror. Another notable usage is displaying the information that mimics something like a computer screen does.

“Electronic Device with Adjustable Reflective Display” appeared on the news for a patent application just this Thursday. This was published by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. With this device, this can bring a revolution to the electronics industry.

Apple Screen

Via U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

The patent shows an extra layer that was added onto a display assembly.  The pixel array that produces the image in a screen will be placed right under the added layer.

Reflective and linear polarizers are inside the mounted layer and to manage the polarization of the said layer, a coating of a liquid crystal is added. A switchable polarizer that utilizes dichroic dye molecules and the liquid crystal is also present in the setup.

With this, the ambient light will be reflected back and enables the user to see the reflection and will act as a mirror. On the other side, the switch controls the light that was emitted from the pixel array producing the image on the screen.

It is also possible that the portion of the screen only shows the details that you need while the rest of the parts reflect the lights from the environment. It is also suggested that user can interact with the display with the use of cameras and other sensors.

With the recent developments in the electronic world, It might do something more with the attachments of sensors like head-tracking and possibly gaze tracking. Facial recognition may also be added to the equation same as hand gestures.

Adding this reflective layer to an iPhone’s screen may or may not be present in the future but it will add extra points to the aesthetics department. Looking in a mirror-like screen while the device is not working and switching it back to normal screen mode would be very pleasing to the eyes.

Apple is known to push the innovative button in its products. We might see something like the reflective screen that can act as a mirror at the same time, can act as a computer screen in MacBooks and other Apple products. Probably we might see a new line made from this.

The technology may be useful if placed in the right production and the in the right practice. Many concepts like this are not appearing everywhere and some of them may not fit to be mentioned as worthy but, who knows what will happen in the future?

If ever Apple didn’t use this tech in the future, it still can be used for many purposes. Commercial usage such as appearing in kiosk and product display that gives details to its customers may sound viable.

Patent and concept is not a security of the product and it doesn’t mean that it will be mass-produced in the future. Apple is also known to apply for patents in such a wide area but many of them were not seen by the public or were not produced at all.

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