Future MacBook and iPhone May be Wirelessly Share Power

Ruby Balagso
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An Apple patent application that was publicly circulated on Thursday for “Inductive charging between electronic devices,” states that two devices can have the capacity to recharge the power of each other’s batteries. So a drained battery of a gadget can be powered up by another gadget which has a full battery.

The advantage of the proposed patent is that devices which are needed that runs out of power could be charged by gadgets that are not needed. Also if the patent’s tool does materialize it would be quite convenient because there is no need for a charger or cable and would not actually need an electrical outlet.

Credit- AppleInsider

Apple proposes that wireless charging is done through inductive coils that can be used to convey or transport power by both means. The pictures that were submitted together with the patent application suggests that charging can either be done through rear portion charging or proper stacking of the devices.

Some photos that were likewise with the patent had images of what looks like notebook coils. Als,o the addition of several coils to a big device can permit the simultaneous charging of several smaller devices giving the benefit of having an additional charge for extra gadgets that could be powered up at the same time.

For wireless charging, Apple devices such as the iPhone 8, iPhone X and the Apple watch have been equipped with the said feature. Although the iPads and the MacBooks currently do not still have the said feature.

In the event that Apple integrates the wireless charging element in all the devices it currently has in the market, it would necessitate the company to produce something that has the large set of coils, capable to conveying and receiving power. The current Apple products that could be charged wirelessly cannot charge previous products that have not been endowed with the same feature.

The “inductive charging between electronic devices” patent filed the Apple in the 19th of March is considered an addendum of a patent that has the same title that was filed last June 2015. There are other patents submitted by Apple with regards to wireless charging for the last couple of years. But even if the Cupertino-based company has filed many approved patents it is not a guarantee that devices or materials indicated therein will materialize in the market.

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