Fortnite Mobile 3.5.0 Update Drops With A Vengeance, Jailbroken Users Now Banned From Entering Servers

Jasper Valdez
3:16 PM

Not long ago, everyone was finally given the chance to play Fornite’s highly-acclaimed mobile counterpart — this holds especially true for jailbreakers who were initially barred from accessing the game. However, it seems like Epic, the developer, and publisher,  is again going back to its old and frowned upon ways and this time around with a vengeance.

In Fortnite mobile’s latest iOS update, jailbreak detection has again made itself known to the jailbreak community — which again disabled access for the jailbroken and the community’s members. But what’s more intriguing this time around is that Epic Games have implemented a new rule, kicking out players whose devices are discovered to be in a jailbroken state.

As we’ve mentioned in earlier postings, this strategy isn’t all new in the mobile game industry as many developers abhor the act of jailbreaking that is more often than not likened to the act of piracy. In addition to this, a jailbroken device can also give users quite an advantage over other players since a lot of tweaks are available for them to use alongside the game, enhancing their gameplay beyond the allowable extent.

While this particular scenario isn’t true for all jailbreak users,  the fact is Epic Games have no way of telling who is playing fairly and who is not or any publisher for that matter, which makes the move all the more unsurprising as it’s an unbreakable rule that games should be leveled equally for all players. This is probably the primary reason why Epic brought back the security measure.

In terms of other features, the new 3.5.0 patch update brought along various fixes and improvements to the mobile version, bettering the game’s overall functionality. Aside from the jailbreak detection mentioned above, Epic Games also added a new warning feature into the mix, which displays a message to all jailbreak users that the system knows they are using a jailbroken device. On top of this, players who receive the warning message will be barred from participating in any Fortnite server, immediately being kicked out of the game before it even commences.

Although the cause is understandable, it’s really unfair for honest jailbreak users to get booted off without doing anything that might jeopardize other players or give them an advantage in-game. However, it’s also significant to note that this move is focused on giving players an even ground to play Fortnite mobile — it’s just that, in its wake, jailbreak users are being sacrificed.

It’s probably too early to spell the end for this particular predicament so, we advise our readers to keep a lookout on developments regarding the issue that may shine a light on Epic’s future plans for the jailbreak community and their game Fortnite.

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