Foldable Samsung Galaxy X With Bendable Midpoint Might Launch Next Year: Specs, Release Date Detailed

Daphne Planca
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South Korean-based tech giant Samsung is indeed joining the trend of foldable phones since it is speculated to be working on their long-rumored foldable phone dubbed as the Galaxy X (Galaxy Wing) for years. The anticipated device might release sometime next year once it will be completed in June.

According to Forbes, a new report posted from the South Korean stock market site The Bell suggested that a limited amount of foldable phones will be launch next year making the Samsung Galaxy X as part of the pilot program. The design of the device will likely be finished by this coming June since the tech giant is already manufacturing the parts on a small scale.

It seems that Samsung will not make the Galaxy X widely available because small orders are created for the basic parts of the foldable phone. The company will try a different strategy by selling the device to a select number of markets with a limited supply to observe how well it performs. Then, later on, a wider release will be made once things go well. If not, the device will be discontinued.

Earlier this year, select customers at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas were already given a sneak peek of the two prototypes of the Samsung Galaxy X including an in-folding and an out-folding design. The prototype device featured three OLED screens with about 3.5 inches each. On the front, the two screens created a 7-inch screen and placed inside the device. Meanwhile, the third screen at the back of the device displays information and notifications when it is folded.

If the Samsung Galaxy X is folded out, the total footprint is not longer than the current Samsung Galaxy Note 8 making it look similar. However, the device cannot be used as a tablet. The company is currently making trial batches and is expected to produce between 500,000 and 2 million units overall.

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