Foldable Samsung Galaxy X Will Not Launch This Year, Qualcomm Claims

Daphne Planca
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South Korean tech company Samsung has been working on a foldable phone dubbed as Galaxy X for nearly a decade now. However, it seems that the device will not launch this year as the senior Qualcomm executive Salman Seed claimed.

Saeed, who manages products for display technology, was interviewed with TechRadar and confirmed this news. The company might take more than a year before the Samsung Galaxy X reaches the market. They informed their investors that the creation of foldable OLED displays would begin later this year.

According to Forbes, Saeed mentioned that some technological hurdles must be dealt with and are yet to be overcome. Nowadays, the components for powering individual pixels must be flexible enough to withstand frequent bending. The material science that the smartphone manufacturers like Samsung must do has not been solved yet in terms of producing electrodes that can withstand repetitive bending and folding.

Saed said that regarding processors, the existing chips from Qualcomm will be likely used for Samsung Galaxy X since these chips have already given more than enough power to fulfill the demand needed. To recall, the Snapdragon 835 SoC processor from the Galaxy S8 demonstrated its power capacity with DeX support.

At this point, the Samsung Galaxy X was trademarked by the company back in March 2017. If it will replace the Galaxy S10, the device will feature a Neural Processing Unit (NPU) for AI tasks. Galaxy X will also run a 7nm with 5G connectivity support.

Samsung Galaxy X is rumored to have 3D sensing modules with Apple’s Face ID since the company is already working on them for their upcoming 2019 flagship devices. The Korean company has already teamed up with Israel-based company Mantis Vision and Namuga in developing 3D sensing modules.

So, what are your thoughts on the possible delays about Samsung Galaxy X? Let us know by writing in the comment section below.

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