Foldable Samsung Galaxy X Will Have Flip-Phone-Style Fold: Everything We Must Know

Daphne Planca
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Next year, the world’s most well-known Android phone maker Samsung is expected to introduce the Galaxy X with foldable OLED display technology. This device will be a product of a new category for the company since it can be physically folded into two.

According to Phone Arena, this upcoming phone may be just a glorified flip phone because until now, the design is still a mystery. Two general possibilities are speculated from different patents. The display may fold inward similar to a book or a flip phone. Three individual displays will be used but will not fold, only the phone itself.

When needed, the two screens will provide extra screen space and can fold on the inside. Then the third screen will perform for more trivial stuff like notifications and can fold on the outside even if this is not yet visualized.

Credit- Phone Arena

Since it uses some kind of mechanism to fold, the Samsung Galaxy X could be fragile and will not have scratch resistance like most phones now with the rigid, glass-covered displays. Making it water resistant will also be not easy for a device with moving parts. Putting a case included on it will also be a little tricky.

For its practicality, unfortunately, its design with a flip-phone-style fold could result in a very small handset when folded or a very large or narrow phone when unfolded. The electronic components inside the phone will not be positioned properly when folded like a book resulting in unequal weight distribution. The screen will only fold at a certain radius, so Galaxy X will not be as flat as a piece of folded paper. This will produce a too cumbersome phone, which we hope to refrain from.

Credit- Phone Arena

In terms of pricing, the foldable phone will not come cheap since it will not be easy to produce massive amounts of its flexible OLED displays. Hence, it will likely be launched in very limited quantities in select markets only.

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