Final Fantasy XV: Mods Package Include Power Rangers Option

Yves Amodia
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The Final Fantasy XV already has one of the massively popular casts that has ever been in a video game. Characters like Noctis and Ignis are memorable enough as they are. But what if users can play the game as one of the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers?

Power Rangers in Final Fantasy XV

A set of mods made by modder Jazneo enables users to now play Final Fantasy XV as one of the Power Rangers, according to PC Gamer. Players can assume the characters of the Green, Blue, Black and Red Rangers instead of the usual ones.

What makes this update exciting for fans of the original show is the fact that the mod also includes the gears associated with the iconic characters. Among them are the power daggers, power lance, and power sword.

This new Final Fantasy XV mod makes playing the epic road trip game even more fun especially those who want some nostalgia. The Power Rangers, after all, are among the most iconic television characters of the 1990s.

The Pink and Yellow Rangers, however, are not available for playing in the XV. This could be because of the dearth of playable female characters in this edition of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy gets a new patch for the PC version

This new mod comes a few weeks after this version of Final Fantasy received a new patch a few weeks ago. This patch comes in the form of tools that act as official support for mods, according to Kotaku.

It also provides instructions to users so they can add their own mods, costumes, and weapons into the game. This means that users now have the ability to replace the usual tools with customized ones, improving the gaming experience.

Are you looking forward to playing Final Fantasy XV with this exciting mod? Which character will be playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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