Final Fantasy 16: Everything We Wish To See In Final Fantasy’s Next Installment

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Square Enix’s venture in the fifteenth installment of the Final Fantasy series has proven to be the largest success the Japanese game developer has experienced in years, proving once again that Square Enix’s development capabilities aren’t just for show. The popularity of the game title even gave birth to numerous additional downloadable content, and spin-offs, which are now undergoing development.

While it’s obviously too early for the game giant to issue another chapter in the highly-acclaimed game series, many are now looking forward to the next iteration of the game, Final Fantasy 16. To give our viewers a preview of the possible form the next game will take on, we’ve decided to list down all the things we expect to appear in Final Fantasy 16. So, keep your eyes peeled and your imagination active!

A More Expansive Open World

As we all know now, Final Fantasy 15’s mass appeal mainly stems from its adoption of an open world setting — the first-ever for the series. With this being the case, the company will likely stick to a similar formula, employing the same expansive terrain that users have come to love and experience. In addition to this, Square Enix will also likely improve on several aspects of the next world, improving leaps and bounds when compared to the current title.

As reported by GameRant, Hajime Tabata, head of studio works for Square Enix, has already confirmed that he and his team are aiming to replicate and translate the experience players get while playing FFXV’s massive and diverse setting into the next installment.

More Character Depth

Overall, the characters in Final Fantasy were made with impressive insight and back stories, however, the same cannot be said about the side characters, which, more often than not, lacked concrete aspects and depth. This time around, we expect Final Fantasy 16 to be a more consistent title than its predecessor when it comes to characters, providing each with the same amount of depth regardless of disposition.

A Richer Storyline

Undeniably, Final Fantasy 15 is a strong competitor in terms of plot and storyline– made evident by its popularity. But despite this, many argue that FFXV’s narrative only comes off as ‘decent enough’ in contrast with past titles. With this in mind, Square Enix will probably put much more work in developing a better plot and storyline for Final Fantasy 16. According to Valuewalk, Square Enix already has it’s mechanics down to the tee, that’s why there’s more leeway for the company to re-evaluate its origins, a move towards creating a game that’s more narrative inclined and complex just like its past iterations.

Although all of these are possible outcomes, Square Enix has yet to issue any information regarding Final Fantasy 16. It’s still more effective for users and fans to listen in on the Japanese game developer’s announcements when it comes to details on the next installment.

Do you have ideas on what’s next for the Final Fantasy series? If yes, please hook us up first by leaving us a comment down below!

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