FIFA 19: What We Know About The Upcoming Football Game

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There is no better time to unveil major details about the upcoming FIFA 19 game than now. This is because of the ongoing real-life FIFA 2018 games, which is drawing attention to the sport more than ever.

FIFA 19 rumors and news

Because of the secretive nature of the development process of the FIFA 19, not much is known about the game. These are among the things that we know about the highly anticipated next entry into the successful game franchise:

Confirmed September 28 release

Fans do not have to wait too long to play the next FIFA release, according to Tech Radar. It is already confirmed that it will be available for the public starting on Friday, September 28. Users can play it on the PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Hefty introductory prices

Just like previous FIFA editions, FIFA 19 will be starting with quite a high price. The pre-order price of the standard edition is set at $59.99 on Amazon while the Champion Edition is going to be sold for $79.99.

Cheaper cost for Origin’s Play First Trials program

Anyone who is part of the Play First Trials Program of Origin can save as much as 10 percent of the cost of the FIFA 19. It also gives players early access to the game as early as Thursday, September 20. This can be done by participating in the EA Access on Xbox One and Origin Access Basic on PCs. What people have to do to access the full game is to just upgrade to Origin Access Premier.

Return of the Journey

The Journey has been hailed as one of the best features in the recent editions of the game. This gives players more opportunities to customize and explore their characters and game modes. It would be even better if there will be a bit more RPG elements in the upcoming game.

Frostbite will be retained

Developers will be utilizing the Frostbite engine to power this game. While its visuals may not present a major improvement over its predecessors, it is a better platform for dynamic weather.

Champions League gameplay

For the first time, FIFA players will be able to undergo through the UEFA Champions League, according to Bristol Post. For those who cannot reach this elite level, they can also compete with other groups in the Europa League.

Possible Nintendo Switch version

When a Nintendo Switch version of the FIFA 2018 was released last year, it received weak critical reception because of the lack of popular features like the full career mode and The Journey. Thankfully, it was able to sell well enough to warrant a follow-up in the same console platform. This will certainly calm fears of no Nintendo Switch version for the game.

Dynamic Tactics

Dynamic Tactics enable players to make major changes to the gameplay tactics in a quick manner. This gives the players better swerve, speed and accuracy when they are using a particular character.

Are you excited to play FIFA 19 when it gets released? What are you most looking forward to? Post an entry in the comments section below.

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