FIFA 19: Problems To Fix In Beta, What To Expect In Upcoming Game Edition

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In a little more than a month, avid gamers will finally be seeing the FIFA 19. The FIFA 2018 game will be especially exciting as it happens to drop in the same year as an actual FIFA World Cup, which does not always happen. The beta has also been made available for a select number of people a few months ago, which teased fans even more.

FIFA 19 beta problems

Of course, just like any other beta version of any game, there are still issues with the beta mode of the FIFA 19. Here are five issues that developer EA Vancouver should address before the FIFA 2018 release.

Inaccurate passing

It looks like FIFA 2018 inherited the same problem that has been plaguing previous FIFA games. In fact, passing is so inaccurate that it will only make lack of skill of any player worse. It can be frustrating even with the marked improvements of the game.

Difficulty in switching players

Due to changes in the game, FIFA 19 players have to be more proactive in switching players. This will make attacking and defending more difficult than ever for gamers.

Unrealistic pace when on the ball

One of the biggest complaints of those who have tried the beta version of the new FIFA game is the slow pace when a player is striding forward with the ball. Not only is it not realistic, it makes playing more inconvenient.

Erratic Timed Finishing feature

EA Vancouver introduced the Timed Finishing feature on the FIFA 2018. The feature is supposed to enable players to do a world-class shot. While the feature has promise, the beta implementation is downright awful. However, its execution can be erratic and difficult to do.

Messed-up Active Touch System

The new Active Touch system makes playing the game more realistic but it is not too smooth yet. Hopefully, EA Vancouver will fix it in time for the official Fifa 19 release.

New celebrations

In related news, images and videos of the celebratory poses and reactions of the players in the game have leaked. Among these players is Jesse Lingard, which is shown to do the Milly Rock, according to Euro Gamer. Lingard good-naturedly tweeted the game’s official Twitter account to complain about his haircut in the leaked clips.

Kylian Mbappé of France is also shown doing his trademark folded arms pose. Other leaked player celebrations also include one by Paul Pogba.

Price and release date

FIFA 2018 will get its official release on Tuesday, September 25. The game will be available on various platforms like the Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PC and Nintendo Switch. The Ultimate Edition, however, will not be available on the Nintendo Switch.

The standard edition of the next FIFA game will sell for $59.99. The Champions edition, on the other hand, will cost an extra $20. Lastly, the Ultimate Edition will be priced at $99.99.

Will you be playing FIFA 19 right away when it hits online stores? Which of the problems in the beta version would you not want to encounter in the official release edition? Let us know by posting an entry in the comments section below.

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