Far Cry 6: Where Shall It Be Set? 7 Theories On Its Location

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After the massive success of its predecessor, Far Cry 6 is sure to be a treat for gamers. Since it has not been a year since the release of Far Cry 5, not much is known about its direct successor. One of the biggest questions in the minds of fans, however, is the possible location of the next game.

Theories on Far Cry 6 location

Because of the secretive nature of the new game’s development, no one knows a lot about the upcoming sequel. The following are seven possible locations and settings for the next Far Cry title.

Vietnam War in the 1960s

A poll that Ubisoft did a few months ago on Reddit indicated that a lot of fans would like the Far Cry 6 to happen during the Vietnam War. It is an interesting time to set the game in, considering that the conflict lasted for 20 years. The political atmosphere of the time would also serve as a thrilling plot point of the game.

Remote tundra-filled Alaska

Alaska would be a challenging terrain to put the game in. However, there is a big chance that the developers will not do it, considering they set Far Cry 4 missions in the snow-filled Himalayas.

The post-apocalyptic desert world like Mad Max

Most major game franchises had a post-apocalyptic title at one point. Far Cry 6 may be its chance to do that.

Shangri-La’s world a la Far Cry 4

 Shangri-La is a mythical location in Far Cry 4 and is said to be where Kyra achieved Nirvana. It received praise when the fourth franchise entry was released so it will be a popular choice for players.

Cocaine-infested jungles of Peru

The Far Cry developers have never been afraid to set the game in real-life problematic territories and areas. The jungles of Peru, which is said to be a major location for the cocaine trade, would be a perfect setting.

Science fiction premise on another planet

This is another favorite from Ubisoft’s Reddit poll a few months ago. It may be time for the developers to take the game outside the planet. It will certainly be a left-field choice for the developers but it will be an interesting and unique take on the Far Cry franchise.

Zombie outbreak in the United States

Far Cry 5 will have a Zombie DLC in the coming months. The developers may as well ride the trend and create a full game that is set in a zombie outbreak.

More ‘The Father’ for Far Cry 5

In related Far Cry news, it looks like we will be seeing more of The Father in Far Cry 5. This was after Greg Bryk, who performed the character, teased on social media that the antagonist may return.

There are reports that the appearance of The Father will be done on the scheduled Zombie DLC, according to Comic Book. There is also a possibility that the character will be in a prequel title.

Gamers can play Far Cry 5 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Far Cry 6, on the other hand, may not come until 2021.

Which of the seven possible locations is more likely? How much do you think will this impact the gameplay in Far Cry 6? Post your comments so we will know about your theories as well below.

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