Popular Fan Theories Of Game of Thrones Finale Season

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Though GOT fans are eagerly waiting for Season 8 of Game Of Thrones (GOT). But there is no stopping them from speculating the potential end. Numerous users and the online fan brigades are busy figuring out different end from multiple dimensions. Such is the craze for the last season of epic saga written by George RR Martin’s – Game Of Thrones (GOT). Nevertheless, we expected this only from the ardent Game Of Thrones (GOT) followers.

These theories are indeed making the wait a little too exhilarating also. Let us have a look at the angles of the most popular fan theories about GOT season 8.

The Azhor Ahai Prophecy

As per the Azhor Ahai prophecy promotes either Jon or Dany as the leader who will lead the people against darkness with a flaming sword called “Lightbringer”.

Bran Stark As Night King

Users are guessing that Bran’s inability to stop the White Walkers from descending on Westeros is paving a way to him becoming the night king.

The White Walkers Are Good

The white walkers might be termed as violent, gory and murderous but they can lead the potential end of the GOT season 8. Since they have been most effective in governance compare to anyone else.

Jamie Will Kill Cersei and Die

It has been predicted by Game Of Thrones (GOT) fans that the duo emerged together and will leave the world together.

Bronn To Change Side

In return for Tyrion’s offer, Bronn is predicted to switch and likely to accept the ownership of castle “The Twins’.

Arya To Die Before Her Time

Arya Stark has been called beautiful, willful and dead before her time. Also, Jon Snow remarked about Arya – “When the spring thaw comes, they will find your body with a needle still locked tight between your frozen fingers.”

We are liking the way these fan theories are coming up based on some possible hidden clues. Which one strikes the strongest to you? Write in the comment section below.

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