Exploit For iOS 12 To Be Released Soon, Jailbreak Coming?

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Great news for the jailbreak community. Apparently, @S0rryMyBad of 360 Vulcan security team will soon release the iOS 12.1 or 12.0 exploit that can lead to iOS 12 jailbreak.

It’s Coming Soon?

It’s been two months since Apple released the iOS 12 firmware. Well, to be exact, it was on September 17, followed by the iOS 12.0.1 on October 8, and then iOS 12.1 on October 30.

During the past few weeks, we published reports about exploits from prominent figure in the jailbreak community, like from BigD (@begged_dd) who submitted a WebKit RCE exploit with a very detailed annotation that works up to iOS 12.0.1, Sem Voigtländer’s JailbreakMe Unified that presumably supports anything from iOS 4 to iOS 12.0.1, and Google Project Zero’s Natalie Silvanovich who discovered a exploitable bug in the iOS 12.1 firmware. Furthermore, we also published a report of whether you should downgrade to iOS 12.0.1 or not before it’s too late.

This time around, according to a report, 360 Vulcan’s @S0rryMyBad will soon release an exploit for the iOS 12.1 and 12.0 and recommends to stay on iOS 12.1 (or lower) firmware in case anyone wants to take advantage of this bugs in the future. This information came from fce365.

The report notes that @S0rryMyBad’s exploits are said to be most reliable yet and can be used directly in a jailbreak that is extremely neat in working for post-exploitation like Electra or Unc0ver. Moreover, it can also be used in Osiris Jailbreak, so that’s a plus.

Winning The TianfuCup

Checking his Twitter account, it looks like he’s been busy with the TianCup 2018 competition and has won the highest reward. And according to the tweet, 360 Vulcan gained full access to iPhone X through a type confusion jit bug in Safari and an UaF bug in iOS kernel.

Are you excited for @S0rryMyBad’s exploit? Also, when do you think it will be released? We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions down in the comment section.

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