EXCLUSIVE: New OnePlus 7 Leaked Image Spotted, Features Notch-less Design

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One of the highly anticipated smartphone devices that’s scheduled to be released this year is the OnePlus 7 which is why it comes to no surprise that tech enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new leaks, rumors and official talks about it.

So what new details to we have this time about the OnePlus 7? Well, apparently, a new leaked image of it has been shared online via Twitter.

The Leaked Image

A Twitter user from Shanghai, China, shared a leaked photo of the OnePlus 7 handset. The photo showcases the OnePlus 7’s front design which features a notch-less design, implying that it could have slide-out selfie cam mechanism similar to what we’ve seen from other Chinese smartphone makers.

Is The Image Legit?

At the moment, the tweet has accumulated 78 likes and 17 retweets. However, news outlets have been questioning the image’s authenticity.

As reported by BGR:

“…the leaker has no track record reporting on unreleased devices, and he didn’t explain where he obtained the image from, which makes us question its authenticity“.

Even its comment section, Twitter users have been asking the source of this image. There were even a few who thinks it could be fake.

seems to be fake.” -Harsh (@harshp2510)

Seems fake. how home screen can rotate upside down and even if we assume it’s a slider, screen rotation will be of no use but maybe for testing purposes.” -Jagjeet Singh Chawla ‏(@SonuChawla216)

this is not one plus 7 …. probably a fake one…” -Parvesh (@parvesh90_saini)

Comparing It To The Previous Leak

Last month, there was a leaked image of the OnePlus 7 was spotted. It also features a full-screen design. The only difference is the thickness of the bezel.

Note: The device on the left is the OnePlus 7 while the device on the right is the OnePlus 6T.

When Can We Expect It?

If we’re going to base it on the releases of the previous models, we can expect the OnePlus 7 to be released around the first half of the year between May or June.

  • OnePlus 3 — June 2016
  • OnePlus 5 — June 2017
  • OnePlus 6 — May 2018

What are your thoughts about the image? Do you think it’s really the OnePlus 7? Tell us in the comment section below.

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