I know The Ending Of ‘Game of Thrones’ Says, Maisie Williams

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HBO’s Game of Thrones, the most awaited show of all times is shooting its eighth and final season and we can’t keep calm about it. How’s the GOT 8 going to end?

In a recent interview with Jimmy Kimmel on his show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, Maise Williams, who plays Arya Stark in the show, said she knows how it’s all going to go down. She claimed that she has read the script of the final episode to which Kimmel jumped and asked her whether HBO is going to shoot multiple endings to protect the secret or not. Even the rest of the cast has no idea on how the series is going to end. Maisie also added that she doesn’t believe if HBO has that kind of budget to shoot so many alternate endings.

Kimmel asked Maisie if she knows how many episodes are going to be there in the last season to which she replied that she certainly knows about it but is unsure if she is allowed to reveal that to or not. Recalling that she read the script while in bed, Williams said: “It’s just surreal, to be honest; being with this show for so long and then also it having the following that it does. It’s just–everyone is waiting for this moment, and then you read it, and it’s just incredible.”

Keeping in mind the security reasons, the GOT script is often coded and there is even surveillance outside the set of GOT in case there are any drones hovering around. As far as multiple endings are concerned, HBO’s president Casey Bloys sounded quite confident about it saying that he has an idea of how the series is about to wrap up and to make sure that no one gets a clue of it, they are going to shoot multiple endings to keep things confidential.

Williams said that a lot of shooting is still left and that “it’s a mammoth task this year, it’s huge.” Kimmel then smartly asked if Arya is going to survive through the end to which she said not necessarily as some episodes take a really huge time to shoot.

The episodes in the last Game of Thrones season are going to be as long as a movie, so lengthy shoots are expected. As of now, there are going to be six episodes in the final season. The directors of the episodes have been confirmed and the titles of the episodes are yet to be finalized.

In other news, D.B Weiss and David Benioff, the creators of Game of Thrones TV series, are currently working on a new series of Star Wars movies for Disney. So what do you think about the ending of upcoming GOT 8? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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